October 5th 2017 – home

Just back from London via mum’s to pick up the whippet, and the F-I-L’s for a catch up and quick drink (coffee for Mr P, beer for me – I’m still in holiday mode). We had a lovely time in London. The apartment was one of those tall, white townhouses with black, wrought iron railings […]

October 1st 2017 – home

We had a bit of a scare with the whippet on Thursday evening. He jumped off the sofa and let out a yelp. I later noticed that he was limping and holding his front paw aloft. we checked his paw but there was nothing stuck in it and Mr P examined his leg but couldn’t […]

September 24th 2017 – home

I realise I totally forgot to document last weekend. Saturday night was Mr and Mrs R’s wedding reception which was held at a golf club in a neighbouring village. It was packed but unfortunately the bar staff seemed to be clueless and this resulted in a thirty minute wait for drinks. The DJ also left […]

September 15th 2017 – hone

So, here’s a freaky-ass story for you. Last night, Mr P was out playing darts so I had planned a lovely evening dedicated to ‘me time’ comprising Pilates, a bath and watching GBBO in bed. After my bath, I padded around the house gathering the necessary accoutrements for my chilled evening (wine, my vape, laptop) […]

September 11th 2017 – hone

I steeled myself and went to Mrs R’s to discuss the typing work she wanted doing. Although I was on the lookout for creepy bits and pieces in her house as inspo for the film, it was actually really homely with a comfortable, lived-in vibe and an eclectic mixture of styles and colours. She was […]

September 4th 2017 – home

Another lovely weekend has been and gone. At the library on Saturday, one of our regular customers came in and asked us to google some telephone numbers for her. She is a self-confessed technophobe and doesn’t even own a computer so I was happy to oblige. She’s a foreign lady whose accent I can’t place, […]

August 28th 2017 – home

Did a good deed for the day on Saturday on the the way to get my hair cut. A young couple climbed on the bus – the guy paid and the girl had a tenner but the bus driver refused to let her on as he didn’t have sufficient change. Usually, they waive it and […]