April 22nd 2020 – work

Hello? Is anyone out there? Sorry for the lack of posting, it’s just that, during lockdown, there’s not an awful lot to report. Mr P and I muddling on – we haven’t killed each other yet, which is a good thing, but I think it helps that we have our own pursuits so we’re not […]

April 4th 2020 – home (obvs)

Here I am! I recently bought a new laptop after my old one died and subsequently forgot all of my passwords, hence my radio silence, and stumbling across a very old blog I wrote years ago – it was like finding an old diary – kinda cool. How is everyone? I’m working from home as […]

March 18th 2020 – work

How are we all doing then? Coping with the Coronavirus? Stocked up on pasta and loo roll? I’m finding it all a total drag already and I’m not even self-isolating (yet). My birthday, which seems like ages ago when we could socialise and the pubs were open, was a great one. Having a Monday birthday […]

March 5th 2020 – work

Just dipping in on a slow work day to have a go at a list I found on the lovely Hazel’s blog. Three things I liked about February 1. Celebrating Mr P’s 41st birthday with a night in a Michelin Star restaurant (Simpson’s in Edgbaston); 2. Our weekend in the Peak District – would love […]

February 24th 2020 – home

I’d booked a weekend away for Mr P, the whippet and me a month or so before Christmas as one of Mr P’s gifts. Since then, it’s been postponed twice: once because it clashed with a good mate’s 40th birthday party and again because it could have potentially clashed with the F-I-L’s funeral and if […]

February 10th 2020 – home

We had a great weekend celebrating Mr P’s 41st birthday. On Saturday, I surprised him with an overnight stay at Simpson’s, a Michelin star restaurant with rooms in Edgbaston. I think it must have been an old manor house originally – it’ s gorgeous Georgian building with high ceilings and exquisite cornicing. Our room was […]

February 3rd 2020 – home

My F-I-L’s funeral took place last Monday on a freezing cold but blue-skyed day. After a bracing dog walk in the morning, we all congregated at the family home and went in different cars to the crematorium. The turn-out was impressive, the service itself short but thankfully free of any hymns and religious readings and […]

January 10th 2020 – home

Is it too late to still be bidding people Happy New Year? I’m going to anyway. Happy New Year. Our Christmas was one of ups and downs. Christmas Day itself was great – we hosted my mum, The Redhead Sister and Teenage D, Mr P made a massive fish pie, we played Pictionary and a […]

19th December 2019 – home

It’s been a funny few weeks. Mr P’s not been very well. It could’ve been something much more serious than it is but, thankfully – and I use that term lightly – his symptoms were all down to stress – stress from his recent promotion, his dad’s illness and perhaps not fully grieving for his […]

November 12th 2019 – home

So, here we are, the next batch of 30 questions courtesy of Hazel and her wonderful blog (hazelsworldofjoy.blogspot.com). 31. What is something you’re tired of? Bloody Brexit. I don’t even care how people voted anymore or how passionately I feel about Remain, if I hear one more conversation about it in a pub or at […]

October 14th 2019 – home

I’d been feeling a bit dicky last week, with a throbbing, dull ache in my lower back which I obviously didn’t help by doing a load of burpees on Tuesday evening. By Thursday, I had a cracking headache. I never take medication if I can help it, but it was so severe, it had me […]