June 27th 2017 – home

I received a fantastic text from Mrs M yesterday. Are you comfortable, children? Then I’ll begin. Mrs M went to Glastonbury this year with one of her gal pals. The gal pal, K, is a Glastonbury resident which means that she gets exclusive use of the villagers’ car park. Although camping on the car park […]

June 24th 2017 – home

It started with the Discman, I guess, and then the choice of CDs that found their way into my Amazon basket: Elastica, The Lemonheads etc. Then, I decided to re-pierce the two holes at the top of my right ear (the third was too healed over for this) and I’m planning a visit to Claire’s […]

June 20th 2017 – home

Mr P’s working away in Durham for a couple of nights but, happily, I had already arranged for Mrs W to come round on her last visit as a pregnant lady. It’s been oppressively hot here the last few days. I have barely been able to stand it so God knows how difficult it must be for […]

June 18th 2017 – home

It’s been another lengthy spell since I last blogged. Not sure why really. I thought it was because not much had happened to be considered blog-worthy but as I think back over the last couple of weeks, I realise that there is actually quite a lot I haven’t documented so here we go. Strap yourselves […]

June 6th 2017 – home

It was back to reality with a bump today. Huddled under a brolly as the rain lashed down, my bus didn’t arrive. When the next one turned up, it was so packed that it sailed right past me meaning that I eventually arrived at work an hour late. Not a good start. Mrs S was […]

June 4th 2017 – Cornwall

Disclaimer: On reading this diary entry back, I realise that I sound somewhat moody and a wee bit bratty. I was a bit PMT-y perhaps, but hell, I’m not gonna make excuses for such behaviour. I was toying with the idea of leaving this out but this is a diary of the life of a […]

June 3rd 2017 – Cornwall

Mrs M’s house is lovely! It’s still a work in progress but what has been done is gorgeous. I think, like anyone, you always focus on the unfinished bits. They have beautiful, original tiles in the hallway which they discovered when they ripped the carpet up, a large but homely lounge and an excellent ‘party’ […]