December 11th 2017 – home

After our usual plan of nipping to the pub for a few early doors snifters and returning home at  reasonable time for dinner inevitably fell by the wayside, we came home at around half-ten and collapsed into bed. Not a bad thing really, unless the following day you happen to be volunteering in a library […]

December 6th 2017 – home

An always entertaining evening with Mrs W last night. After being horrified that we had yet to deck our halls (she’s a Christmas nut whose tree went up the last weekend in November), she went on to tell me that she had just come back from taking Little F to visit the sexiest GP she […]

December 5th 2017 – work

If you’ve never worked in an office environment, you could be forgiven that so-called ‘office politics’ is just something dreamed up by sitcom writers or rom-com directors to give a mundane job a bit of spice and humour. When I first started working in such an environment thirteen years ago as a fresh-faced and naive […]

December 4th 2017 – work

A lovely week. We went to see Ricky Gervais (again) on Wednesday after miraculously scoring four tickets despite them selling out in minutes. It was brilliant to see him in such a small (for him) venue. Unfortunately, Miss P had to give up her ticket to Mr R as Little A developed bronchiolitis. Mr B […]

November 24th 2017 – home

I had another run-in with the Eccentric who I did some typing for a few months ago. She rang me up to make a few minor changes to a couple of the documents so I duly took the whippet on a walk up to her house. Her little blue car was there and all the […]

November 13th 2017 – home

I write this from my warm bed, whippet at my feet, tea and vape to hand. Mr P had a work thing in Birmingham on Friday so I invited my mum and The Redhead Sister around for a takeaway, wine and numerous rounds of Youtube jukebox which featured Arctic Monkeys, the closing scene from Dirty Dancing and, […]

November 6th 2017 – home

Our first bonfire night celebration was great. We went old-school bundling up in hats, scarves and gloves and catching the bus to the neighbouring village. We bolstered ourselves with a quick drink in the pub beforehand and then walked down to the cricket club, meeting up with Mr C, Miss G and four out of […]