April 18th 2018 – home

The gig was incredible. Gurr drew quite a sizeable crowd – much bigger than when we saw them last year – and they just fucking go for it. They’re like a female version of The Ramones but with more joy, I think, and they look like they’re having a bloody brilliant time. They also ended […]

April 16th 2018 – home

How are we? No idea why I didn’t blog last week so, brace yourselves, this could be a wordy one. Last weekend, I had a busy Saturday. After a quick trim and tousle at the hairdresser’s, I took my mum out for a belated Mother’s Day lunch at an Italian called Caravelli in Loughborough. It’s […]

April 2nd 2018 – home

Well, that’s Easter over but at least we only have 4 work days to struggle through before it’s the weekend again. On Saturday, we drove out to Dingley for the point-to-point races. It’s a good 45 minutes drive from our house and when we turned up, marvelling at the lack of queue for the car […]

March 29th 2018 – home

Yaaay! It’s the start of the four day weekend which can only be topped by also being pay day! So, here’s what I’ve dropped some of my hard-earned wages on this month: I was looking for a red midi-skirt to go with the black and white polka dot shoes I bought last month and this […]

March 26th 2018 – home

We had a great weekend. We stayed for a night at Barndale Lodge which is a dog friendly hotel near Rutland Water. It’s a lovely old place with honey-coloured stone walls, a field of Highland cows and a coop of ducks and hens cohabiting together. Our room was small but had everything we needed and […]

March 18th 2018 – home

I’ve had a really quiet weekend. Mr P was working on Saturday so after my stint at the library and a dog walk, I made a veggie shepherd’s pie whilst listening to the Ricky Gervais Deadly Sirius podcast and drinking red wine. Mr P arrived home at about 7 and cooked some spring greens to […]