May 29th 2019 – work

Overheard at work, said by a GP when describing a patient who had given the receptionist a barrage of verbal abuse: “He was all sweetness and pie with me!” Advertisements

May 27th 2019 – home

How great are Bank Holidays? We actually had an extended one: we took Friday off to head to All Points East festival in London with a group of mates. We had a quick bite, dropped our bags and wended our way to Victoria Park, obviously with a couple of pub pit stops en route. Although […]

May 6th 2019 – home

Well, Bruges was just lovely. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a notebook with me so I didn’t document everything but suffice to say it featured a lot of good food (I can highly recommend The Lobster Pot for delicious fish dishes and Sale e Pepe for simple, Italian cuisine), a lot of beer, cocktails and […]

April 23rd 2019 – work

An Easter weekend well spent, I would say. On Friday, Mrs H ended up dragging us along to a house music evening at a bar in the neighbouring village. I was dubious, not being into house music at all, but an old mate was DJing and we knew there would be plenty of old faces […]

April 16th 2019 – work

Work is so slow when the holidays are here. This is because we have fewer doctors which means fewer appointments which means fewer tasks for me to complete. I’m trying to eke my work out as much as possible by catching up on blogs (any new recommendations would be gratefully received) and mucking about playing […]

April 3rd 2019 – work

A spooky tale… The Blonde Sister’s twin are four. Little P is very much like our side of the family with elements of her dad thrown in. Little V however has always been something of an anomaly but oddly all of us can see our late Gran in her. Seems weird really when we’ve only […]

March 11th 2019 – home

So, maybe 35 isn’t so bad. I’ve had an awesome weekend. It started at 12.30 on Friday when I swished out of work and had a swoop through the charity shops picking up a lovely black and white River Island dress and a navy chiffon miniskirt. When I returned home and switched the radio on, […]