September 15th 2017 – hone

So, here’s a freaky-ass story for you. Last night, Mr P was out playing darts so I had planned a lovely evening dedicated to ‘me time’ comprising Pilates, a bath and watching GBBO in bed. After my bath, I padded around the house gathering the necessary accoutrements for my chilled evening (wine, my vape, laptop) […]

September 11th 2017 – hone

I steeled myself and went to Mrs R’s to discuss the typing work she wanted doing. Although I was on the lookout for creepy bits and pieces in her house as inspo for the film, it was actually really homely with a comfortable, lived-in vibe and an eclectic mixture of styles and colours. She was […]

September 4th 2017 – home

Another lovely weekend has been and gone. At the library on Saturday, one of our regular customers came in and asked us to google some telephone numbers for her. She is a self-confessed technophobe and doesn’t even own a computer so I was happy to oblige. She’s a foreign lady whose accent I can’t place, […]

August 28th 2017 – home

Did a good deed for the day on Saturday on the the way to get my hair cut. A young couple climbed on the bus – the guy paid and the girl had a tenner but the bus driver refused to let her on as he didn’t have sufficient change. Usually, they waive it and […]

August 21st 2017 – home

Mr C managed to score tickets for the Leicester/Brighton game for him and Mr P so after my stint at the library and at a loose end somewhat, I invited the Redhead Sister around for a drink. We ploughed through two bottles of prosecco and a bottle of rum and my night ended abruptly at […]

August 16th 2017 – home

We decided last night that Sorrento isn’t going to happen this year. What with the flights shifting up in price, the cost of the, albeit gorgeous, accommodation I’d found and the fact that Mr P is learning to drive and therefore shelling out quite a bit for the lessons, it’s just not realistic for 2017. […]

August 14th 2017 – home

For saying we had a plan-free weekend, it actually turned into a very social, highly boozy one. On Friday, we went to the New Old Local for the Arsenal vs Leicester game. It was rammed, just like the old days, and full of old faces which was ace. I’d forgotten that Mr H was up […]