November 13th 2017 – home

I write this from my warm bed, whippet at my feet, tea and vape to hand. Mr P had a work thing in Birmingham on Friday so I invited my mum and The Redhead Sister around for a takeaway, wine and numerous rounds of Youtube jukebox which featured Arctic Monkeys, the closing scene from Dirty Dancing and, […]

November 6th 2017 – home

Our first bonfire night celebration was great. We went old-school bundling up in hats, scarves and gloves and catching the bus to the neighbouring village. We bolstered ourselves with a quick drink in the pub beforehand and then walked down to the cricket club, meeting up with Mr C, Miss G and four out of […]

October 31st 2017 – home

Ick. I’ve had a bloody awful day. Last night, Mr P was working away so I took myself off to bed early with a glass of wine and the new Fiona Walker bonk-buster – I’m seriously only a Lean Cuisine ready-meal away from turning into a Victoria Wood character. The whippet woke me at two […]

October 29th 2017 – home

The Halloween party was mildly disappointing. The landlady had gone to loads of trouble decorating the pub but there weren’t many people out, especially compared to bygone Halloween parties when it was New Year’s Eve rammed. We easily secured ourselves a seat and could even have taken the whippet with us. I think the problem […]

October 24th 2017 – home

God, where the bloody hell have I been? Sorry for the absence and for leaving my last post as rather intimate and probably TMI for some. I’m back and will endeavour to do better at this blogging lark from now on. So, what’s been happening? Well, after our trip to London to see Ricky Gervais, […]

October 5th 2017 – home

Just back from London via mum’s to pick up the whippet, and the F-I-L’s for a catch up and quick drink (coffee for Mr P, beer for me – I’m still in holiday mode). We had a lovely time in London. The apartment was one of those tall, white townhouses with black, wrought iron railings […]

October 1st 2017 – home

We had a bit of a scare with the whippet on Thursday evening. He jumped off the sofa and let out a yelp. I later noticed that he was limping and holding his front paw aloft. we checked his paw but there was nothing stuck in it and Mr P examined his leg but couldn’t […]