Monday 29th July – home

Another whirlwind weekend. Mr P had had a hard week at work so we decided to go to the local for burgers and a few beers on Friday night – he had the buttermilk chicken; I had the M.A.S.H (mushroom, avocado, spinach and halloumi). Both so good and so very messy. Saturday, we went to […]

July 15th 2019 – home

I can honestly say I never thought I’d enjoy a cricket match. Yesterday, we went for a roast at our local and Mr P said he wouldn’t mind catching the second innings of the Cricket World Cup final at our local, sporty pub. I agreed reluctantly and when I realised there were fifty overs in […]

July 9th 2019 – home

Blimey, it’s been ages, hasn’t it? Apologies to all my…three…readers. How about a nice catch up post? They’re always my favourites to read. So, what have I been up to? The main thing is that we’ve booked a holiday! We’re off to Italy in September – Cinque Terre this time, which is a place we’ve […]

May 29th 2019 – work

Overheard at work, said by a GP when describing a patient who had given the receptionist a barrage of verbal abuse: “He was all sweetness and pie with me!”

May 27th 2019 – home

How great are Bank Holidays? We actually had an extended one: we took Friday off to head to All Points East festival in London with a group of mates. We had a quick bite, dropped our bags and wended our way to Victoria Park, obviously with a couple of pub pit stops en route. Although […]

May 6th 2019 – home

Well, Bruges was just lovely. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a notebook with me so I didn’t document everything but suffice to say it featured a lot of good food (I can highly recommend The Lobster Pot for delicious fish dishes and Sale e Pepe for simple, Italian cuisine), a lot of beer, cocktails and […]