January 18th 2017 – home

Here’s a weird thing that I don’t really understand, Sometimes, if I’ve forgotten to make my lunch for work or haven’t been arsed, I’ll stop off at Starbucks on my way to work and grab something. It might be one of those ridiculously overpriced scrambled egg pots or a mozzarella and tomato ciabatta, for example. […]

January 14th 2018 – home

A lazy, slow Sunday follows a brilliant weekend. Friday, we did the usual ‘early doors’, stagger home at closing time and feast on toast because Mr P couldn’t be bothered/was too pissed to cook and I couldn’t be bothered/was too pissed to eat. Yesterday, we drove out to Oakham and had a little wander around […]

January 10th 2018 – home

Yesterday, we said goodbye to Grandad. It was grotty, leaden skied day and bloody freezing. Grandad was rather dapper and owned over a hundred ties so Mr P and I both wore one (he wore a green dicky bow – one that he finally managed to tie after watching several Youtube tutorials) and I opted […]

January 4th 2018 – work

I step away from my usual rambling diary format to show you what I bought with my December wages because, you know, it’s the kind of thing ‘real’ bloggers do, isn’t it, plus I’m bored at work so, you know. ¬†These sparkly, pewter shoes are lovely. I think pewter is a must-have for any shoe-drobe […]

January 2nd 2018 – home

Oof, and we’re back to reality with a bang. Having to drag yourself out of bed on a cold, dark and rainy day is pretty tough when you’re accustomed to rising at about noon and feasting on eggs before either going on a bracing dog walk or meeting friends in cosy pubs or chilling on […]

December 22nd 2017 – home

And that’s me finished for Christmas. There is something amazing about switching your ‘out of office’ on and skipping out of work to bright sunshine. Some good news in an otherwise horrible week: Mr P passed his driving test! He was convinced he wouldn’t (I had other ideas – he’s one of those people who […]