October 14th 2019 – home

I’d been feeling a bit dicky last week, with a throbbing, dull ache in my lower back which I obviously didn’t help by doing a load of burpees on Tuesday evening. By Thursday, I had a cracking headache. I never take medication if I can help it, but it was so severe, it had me […]

October 6th 2019 – home

We had a brilliant time in Birmingham. James Acaster surpassed my already very high expectations and was a joy. I hope he’ll film one of the shows for general release as I really want to see it again. Little nuances can be missed when you’re crying laughing at an earlier joke. Small parts of his […]

September 28th 2019 – home

I have a  – rare for me – hangover. It’s raining and, as beautiful as Italy was, it has skinted us. So, what else to do on this gloomy Saturday than a little catch-up post? As we are skint, it’s been a quiet month since we got back from Italy. Switching to a mainly vegetarian […]

September 9th 2019 – home

We are back from the beautiful Cinque Terre. Although I was planning on taking my notebook with me, I neglected to do so but here’s a summary of our trip. After a stressful start with a 2.5 hour plane delay and a compensation voucher worth £3.50 each, which couldn’t be substituted for alcohol by the […]

Thursday 29th August – work

We had rather a traumatic weekend last week. We’d taken the whippet to the vet because his breath was rank – I mean, not just your general dog-breath, really offensive. It turned out he needed some teeth extracting which was hard to stomach but necessary as leaving rotten teeth in situ can cause all sorts of problems. […]

August 18th 2019 – home

Our anniversary was lovely. We decided to postpone actually going out to celebrate until we’re in Italy in a couple of weeks due to lack of cash and the fact that on the night itself, we were invited to a friend of a friend’s hip hop inspired 50th birthday party which was at Sketchley Grange […]