March 11th 2019 – home

So, maybe 35 isn’t so bad. I’ve had an awesome weekend. It started at 12.30 on Friday when I swished out of work and had a swoop through the charity shops picking up a lovely black and white River Island dress and a navy chiffon miniskirt. When I returned home and switched the radio on, […]

March 4th 2019 – home

We were in York last weekend. Due to the crazy train prices to return on a Sunday, Mr P decided to drive although this isn’t to be recommended in a city as popular as York. For a start, there was a viking festival on. And it was warm and sunny. And a Saturday. In York. […]

February 11th 2019 – home

Mr P’s birthday weekend was a great success. He was thrilled with his gifts. On Friday, we went to Alchemilla in Nottingham. It’s a fairly new restaurant in what I think  would’ve been the wine cellar of an old house. The kitchen is open and there’s a really nice, buzzy feel to the place – […]

February 3rd 2019 – home

Well, January passed in the blink of an eye to me. Strangely, as it always seems to drag on and on. Even more strangely because nothing particularly noteworthy occurred. My F-I-L was poorly and in hospital for a fortnight (he’s on the mend now and, thankfully, it was nothing too serious) so most nights were spent driving […]

January 2nd 2019 – home

Happy New Year! How were your NYE celebrations? We had a few early doors drinks at the pub before piling back to a mate’s house for more drinking, nibbles, Madness and fireworks on the TV and then games before tumbling home at 3.30am. Yesterday was, as you might imagine, a write-off spent chilling on the […]

December 27th 2018 – work

Shout out to any unlucky bugger who’s had to return to work today. Like me. It was so weird and hard getting up this morning and leaving Mr P and the whippet slumbering. The bus was desolate, there was hardly anyone in town and it all felt a bit eerie and like everyone else was […]

November 19th 2018 – home

So, it’s been a while. So rather than trying to remember what the hell I’ve been doing and spilling it all out in my usual, rambling style, here’s a list of good things that have happened. These seem to be popular with bloggers currently so I shall henceforth jump on said band wagon too: Having […]