February 19th 2018 – work

I’ve been meaning to write up Mr P’s birthday weekend for an entire week now but it’s been a busy one so I’m only just getting round to it now (whilst I’m at work). Strap yourselves in, chaps, it’s gonna be a big ‘un. Mr P’s actual birthday was on the Thursday and I took […]

February 6th 2018 – home

On Saturday, I popped into the local beauty salon to buy The Blonde Sister a gift voucher for her birthday. The girl who served me was very young and pretty with straight, light brown hair parted in the middle, enviably clear skin and blue eyes but she was a bit…weird. As in, she was a […]

February 4th 2018 – home

We were planning to stay in on Friday, eat some nice food and watch Murder on the Orient Express. That was until Mr R announced his return from Hong Kong and that he was meeting the Brothers A and the elusive Mr H at the pub. So, we obviously ended up there. Mr H was […]

February 1st 2018 – home

Broke my top Life Rule today: always book the day following a gig off work. To be fair, it wasn’t possible as my colleague is away but, Christ, did I feel rough this morning! The gig was amazing though! We plucked up enough courage to speak to Steve Lamacq who was so friendly and charming. […]

January 30th 2018 – hone

How are we all? Here’s my pay day spendy round-up for January. A pair of lovely, stompy black boots for gigging – i think they’ll look great with pretty dresses and my (p)leather jacket. Not the most exciting purchase but after my washing machine ate my other simple, black Bardot top, I knew I had […]

January 28th 2017 – home

Mr P is finally making the prawn curry which we were supposed to have for dinner on Thursday. He was late home that night so I had toast. On Friday, we did the usual early-doors-to-closing-time pub trip and ended up having toast. On Saturday, we had a very late but hearty breakfast hence no need […]