August 21st 2018 – home

I was quite poorly towards the end of last week: sore throat, headache, going hot and cold and barely sleeping due to what I can only imagine are fever dreams which were repetitive and which you seem unable to come out of. Weirdly, one focused mainly on Josh Widdecombe. I was annoyed because I NEVER […]

August 5th 2018 – home

We had a lovely day in Nottingham yesterday. Following a quick, emergency Toms purchase after Mr P’s flip flops snapped, we descended into the depths of Iberico which is a modern tapas restaurant underground. It doesn’t feel at all dank though; on the contrary, the white walls and minimalist interior feel super summery and contemporary. […]

August 3rd 2018 – home

We ended up having a lovely anniversary, against all odds. Mr P got stuck at work so wasn’t with me in the morning. However, he arrived home at around 4pm with a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers comprising thistles and blue delphiniums. We exchanged cards and I directed him outside to see his love seat, […]

July 30th 2018 – home

We had something of a 1950s weekend. After the oven and washing machine breaking in the same week, Mr P went to pick up a second hand oven (which I’m vowing to keep clean but which I know I won’t already) and Saturday was pretty much a write off as we had to wait in […]

July 20th 2018 – home

Just home from a quick jaunt to St Albans. It’s a lovely, quaint little city with lots of nice independent bars, shops and restaurants as well as the usual high street big hitters we all know. Our hotel was a chain hotel and whilst the decor didn’t exactly blow us away, it was functional, spotlessly […]

July 16th 2018 – home

I’ve been a naughty girl today. We went to the pub ostensibly to watch the World Cup Final and were going to go home for dinner. However, I foolishly said I wasn’t feeling hungry (it was true – the sun saps my appetite, but I had only eaten one boiled egg at breakfast) so we […]