August 21st 2017 – home

Mr C managed to score tickets for the Leicester/Brighton game for him and Mr P so after my stint at the library and at a loose end somewhat, I invited the Redhead Sister around for a drink. We ploughed through two bottles of prosecco and a bottle of rum and my night ended abruptly at […]

August 16th 2017 – home

We decided last night that Sorrento isn’t going to happen this year. What with the flights shifting up in price, the cost of the, albeit gorgeous, accommodation I’d found and the fact that Mr P is learning to drive and therefore shelling out quite a bit for the lessons, it’s just not realistic for 2017. […]

August 14th 2017 – home

For saying we had a plan-free weekend, it actually turned into a very social, highly boozy one. On Friday, we went to the New Old Local for the Arsenal vs Leicester game. It was rammed, just like the old days, and full of old faces which was ace. I’d forgotten that Mr H was up […]

August 6th 2017 – home

The party was great. After a morning of pouring rain, the sun came out and stuck around for the entire evening. It was a nice sized crowd of about twenty with a good mix of adults and kids who all seemed to get on. Although at one point some of them were climbing into the […]

August 3rd 2017 – home

We had a brilliant day celebrating our anniversary. Mr P was chuffed with his grapevine but unfortunately his gift to me didn’t arrive on time. I’m not bothered though – late gifts are underrated, in my opinion. He also said he went out on a limb with his choice so I’m extra curious as to […]

July 31st 2017 – home

So, the plot thickens and the ballad of Mr and Mrs M gets murkier. It turns out that Mrs M had noticed that money was going missing. After confronting Mr M, he confessed that he hadn’t paid the mortgage for three months, cancelled the home insurance six months ago and that a credit card in […]

July 30th 2017 – home

I went out with Mrs M, Mrs S and Miss T on Thursday night. Mrs M called for me and we walked to the neighbouring village. On the way, she told me that she’s made her mind up to leave Mr M. I was a bit surprised but not stunned and when I asked for […]