May 14th 2018 – Sorrento, Italy

Written in retrospect – I debated whether to blog this. The handwritten version is a wild, scrawly stream-of-consciousness and doesn’t particularly paint Mr P is a favourable light. However, it’s my diary, it’s warts and all and sometimes life isn’t just about new shoes and great gigs and lovely holidays. Sometimes life can be bloody […]

May 13th 2018 – Sorrento, Italy

Written in retrospect I stated that I simply wanted to walk today – a lazy day sprawled at the beach followed by a decadent meal had taken its toll and I felt like getting a sweat on. Using the map provided by the hosts, Mr P worked out how to get to Punta del Capo […]

May 12th 2018 – Sorrento, Italy

Written in retrospect We slept late – something about being on holiday makes us both incredibly soporific – and went for ‘breakfast’ at Ristorante Sorrento. The speechmarks are there because we were too late to catch some actual breakfast food so instead my first meal of the day was a lush, fresh octopus salad whilst […]

May 11th 2018 – Sorrento, Italy

Written in retrospect Today, we caught the ferry to Capri. The marina itself is very touristy with everyone departing from the ferry being bombarded with offers of trips to the various grottoes dotted around the isle, shops selling tat emblazoned with ‘Capri’ and restaurants with pushy waiters. It’s pretty though, that’s undeniable, and we were […]

May 10th 2018 – Sorrento, Italy

Written in retrospect Mr P bought bread, meat and cream cheese so after a makeshift breakfast, we headed out for a proper mooch around the town. Gorgeous, cobble-stoned alleyways twist and turn lined by shops selling jewellery, prints, leather goods and pretty much anything you could dream of with lemons on it. It’s pretty cool, […]

May 9th 2018 – Sorrento, Italy

Written in retrospect After a gruelling journey which comprised a 4.15am taxi pick-up, hour’s travel to Birmingham Airport, a 3 hour flight and a 90 minute coach trip, we eventually arrived in Sorrento. We couldn’t check in to the airbnb until 3pm so we grabbed a beer and some food at the nearest restaurant in […]

May 5th 2018 – home

So, for saying I was supposed to be being good on the old shopping front, I kinda slipped when buying seamless knickers at New Look (rock ‘n’ roll) and ended up purchasing this little beauty: ¬†Still, it was only ¬£12 and will look great with my black pleather pencil skirt and red shoes. On other […]