July 18th 2017 – home

I went to meet Little F on Monday – Mr and Mrs W’s first son – and he is lovely! He has loads of black hair and is really quite big (9lbs 3 at birth) so has bypassed that scrunchy, newborn phase. Mrs W looks so well too and is a much more laid-back mother […]

July 15th 2017 – home

I thought organising a Bastille Day party at ours, as we’d originally discussed, might be overkill after Mr A’s on Sunday so to mark the day I decided to treat Mr P to dinner at a French restaurant in Nottingham that Mrs H had recommended on several occasions. Le Mistral is a cute and cosy […]

July 10th 2017 – home

Mr A’s surprise party was a great success, I think, particularly after learning that he hates surprises and doesn’t even really enjoy celebrating his own birthday. The sun shone all day (so much so that we had to take a very hot whippet home early). Mr N who kindly hosted has a huge garden running […]

July 5th 2017 – home

The weekend was a boozy affair with The Redhead Sister’s birthday all-dayer taking precedence on Saturday. We basically zigzagged across Leicester High Street taking advantage of beer gardens and a roof terraces before stumbling home for a much-needed MSG-fest at 9pm. Oddly, the neighbour’s party which they’d previously kindly warned us would be ‘late and […]

July 1st 2017 – home

So, the latest in the Mrs M saga…she attended the Rock Star’s gig on the beach and he sent her a text asking if she’d made it and suggesting they meet up afterwards. She replied that she was indeed in attendance and would like to hook up. However, although she could see that the message […]

June 27th 2017 – home

I received a fantastic text from Mrs M yesterday. Are you comfortable, children? Then I’ll begin. Mrs M went to Glastonbury this year with one of her gal pals. The gal pal, K, is a Glastonbury resident which means that she gets exclusive use of the villagers’ car park. Although camping on the car park […]

June 24th 2017 – home

It started with the Discman, I guess, and then the choice of CDs that found their way into my Amazon basket: Elastica, The Lemonheads etc. Then, I decided to re-pierce the two holes at the top of my right ear (the third was too healed over for this) and I’m planning a visit to Claire’s […]