June 2nd 2017 – Cornwall

The weather was a bit grim today – that horrible, misty rain – and we decided to try the other cafe for breakfast. The Pink Peach didn’t do traditional breakfasts per se but did have a selection of bagels on offer. It was a bit more rustic than the cafe we ate at yesterday but […]

June 1st 2017 – Cornwall

I write this post with a typical, first-morning-of-holiday hangover. I can’t pretend to be surprised that we hit it so hard on our first night in Cornwall. After a forty-five minute delay at the airport which saw me sink three double vodkas, we boarded the plane. The F-I-L loved it! It was like travelling with […]

May 31st 2017 – home

Mum sent me a text yesterday to say that Grandad is moving into a residential home in a neighbouring village for eleven days of respite. I was unsure whether this was a good thing but he apparently requested it himself, explaining that if he couldn’t go, he would kill himself. Mum called the doctor who […]

May 29th 2017 – home

We’ve had a pretty nice week, considering. Mr P was was working away¬†on Monday and Tuesday so I invited the Sisters, mum, Auntie J and Little D round on Monday evening. We sat in the garden and drank fruit cider. The evening had originally meant to be a breakout night for The Blonde Sister but […]

May 21st 2017 – home

I actually took my diary up to the Wirral yesterday in the vague and misguided hope that I would be in a fit state to actually document our trip and therefore be able to use a different title for once, rather than the rather dull ‘home’ description that has been omnipresent all year. Mr P […]

May 13th 2017 – home

The surprise meal to celebrate Mrs S’ twenty years of service at the practice turned into a bit of a damp squib when after weeks of secretive planning, one of the receptionists accidentally sent a message meant for the boss apologising for not being able to make the party to Mrs S herself the day […]

May 8th 2017 – home

Mr P and the F-I-L went to see Bob Dylan in Nottingham on Friday night whilst I stayed home with the whippet watching trashy TV with a bottle of wine and a surprisingly tasty ready meal. I waited up for Mr P who arrived home just before midnight after a quick nightcap at his dad’s. […]