March 27th 2017 – home

What was supposed to be a brilliant weekend book-ended by lunch out with mum and then lunch over at the BIL’s had a definite slump in the middle. I was bad this weekend and the residual guilt to hard to shake off. On Saturday, I took mum out for an early Mother’s Day lunch at the nice […]

March 18th 2017 – home

After a day that I assumed meant spring had sprung and caused me to surf for a new, lightweight spring blazer and some warm-weather, chunky work sandals and which also caused me to stumble perfectly on the most gorgeous, cerise barely-there’s with bows on the back which were simply too beautiful to remain unpurchased, […]

March 13th 2017 – home

A lot of people said, when I deactivated Facebook, that they would happily follow suit were it not for the fact that they used it in order to remember their friends’ birthdays. I’m not one of those people who forgets birthdays: my memory is good at recalling them on the most part, but I also […]

March 11th 2017 – home

Some things that happened yesterday: Ricky Gervais ‘liked’ one of my tweets; I placed an online order at Topshop on Thursday and the parcel arrived before noon the following day. Very impressive service; Talking of clothes, what is the deal with the preponderance of blush-coloured clothing and shoes? I had hoped that the dismal Kate […]

March 10th 2017 – home

So. The shoes. Oh, the shoes. They’re patent, blood red, with a stiletto heel as thin as a pin and a pointy toe. They’re classic, sexy and divine. Plus, they actually fit me even when I’m wearing tights. Usually, size 5s slip off my feet if there’s no straps to keep them on, especially when I’m […]

March 9th 2017 – home

It’s my thirty-third birthday today. Mr P woke me up with a cup of tea, a stack of cards and a few gifts after apologetically confessing that two presents hadn’t yet been delivered. I don’t mind though – late birthday presents are highly underrated in my opinion; it’s another thing to look forward to once the […]

March 6th 2017 – home

The Danny Baker gig fully exceeded both mine and Mr P’s expectations -he was fantastic. He talked solidly for two and a half hours, with a half hour interval, telling funny stories about his family and the famous people he’d worked with over the years barely pausing for breath, let alone a drink. He was eloquent, […]