October 10th 2018 – home

Well, hi there! I’m not gonna bang on about how the Autumn feels like a brand new start because I’m sure you’ve all read enough about that and, you know, we get it, but this Autumn does seem to have changed me somewhat. For example, I ordered a cookery book from the library today(!) This […]

September 23rd 2018 – Sheringham, Norfolk

Written in retrospect We woke late, which isn’t out of the ordinary for us, although the peaceful nature of the cottage certainly helped. We were too late for breakfast so decided to head to nearby Wells-Next-The-Sea for a hearty Sunday roast. Wells is such a pretty little town and we lucked out by chancing upon […]

September 22nd 2018 – Sheringham, Norfolk

Written in retrospect We set off for Norfolk at about midday on Sunday. The drive took about 3 hours and although the skies looked ominously grey, we only had a couple of showers on the way. We found the airbnb cottage and settled in. It was the first in a row of dinky, flint cottages […]

August 30th 2018 – home

And just like that, pay day rolls around again. This month, I’ve been rather frugal though. After a day trip to London, an upcoming weekend in Norfolk, another day trip to London and numerous gigs on the horizon, I’m trying to be a bit more savvy and not just buy for buying’s sake. That said, […]

August 21st 2018 – home

I was quite poorly towards the end of last week: sore throat, headache, going hot and cold and barely sleeping due to what I can only imagine are fever dreams which were repetitive and which you seem unable to come out of. Weirdly, one focused mainly on Josh Widdecombe. I was annoyed because I NEVER […]

August 5th 2018 – home

We had a lovely day in Nottingham yesterday. Following a quick, emergency Toms purchase after Mr P’s flip flops snapped, we descended into the depths of Iberico which is a modern tapas restaurant underground. It doesn’t feel at all dank though; on the contrary, the white walls and minimalist interior feel super summery and contemporary. […]

August 3rd 2018 – home

We ended up having a lovely anniversary, against all odds. Mr P got stuck at work so wasn’t with me in the morning. However, he arrived home at around 4pm with a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers comprising thistles and blue delphiniums. We exchanged cards and I directed him outside to see his love seat, […]