March 18th 2018 – home

I’ve had a really quiet weekend. Mr P was working on Saturday so after my stint at the library and a dog walk, I made a veggie shepherd’s pie whilst listening to the Ricky Gervais Deadly Sirius podcast and drinking red wine. Mr P arrived home at about 7 and cooked some spring greens to […]

March 16th 2018 – work

Overheard at work: some excellent manager-speak for you. In response to whether he could confirm a meeting date, Dr Gooner said “yes, let’s lock this down”. Where’s my fucking crossbow?

March 10th 2018 – home

The rest of my birthday was much more exciting. Mr P made it home from Bolton at about 7pm and then it was time for presents! As well as a bottle of the new Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, Scandal, I received this amazing Agent Provocateur lingerie: Isn’t it gorgeous? AND these stunning Carvela shoes: I […]

March 9th 2018 – home

Well, hello there. It’s my 34th birthday today. It’s been a slow, quiet start but quite lovely, really. Mr P was working away last night, much to his chagrin, so I had a lazy morning in bed, got myself a bonus Lauren Laverne shout-out and took myself out for breakfast at the little cafe in […]

February 28th 2018 – home

Well, I think we’ve probably all had enough of posts/pictures of snow so, instead, here’s my pay day shopping list (and there’ll be more to come when I crack open my birthday Topshop vouchers – I’ve been filling my virtual shopping bag with all sorts of gems, ready to make a decision when the 9th […]

February 25th 2018 – home

Alvvays were brilliant on Thursday. Again, I broke Life Rule #1 of always booking the day after a gig off work. Normally, it’s not needed. I wake on my day off feeling fine, thinking I could’ve gone to work after all (but obviously relishing languishing in bed until PopMaster finishes, at the very earliest). So, […]