July 20th 2018 – home

Just home from a quick jaunt to St Albans. It’s a lovely, quaint little city with lots of nice independent bars, shops and restaurants as well as the usual high street big hitters we all know. Our hotel was a chain hotel and whilst the decor didn’t exactly blow us away, it was functional, spotlessly […]

July 16th 2018 – home

I’ve been a naughty girl today. We went to the pub ostensibly to watch the World Cup Final and were going to go home for dinner. However, I foolishly said I wasn’t feeling hungry (it was true – the sun saps my appetite, but I had only eaten one boiled egg at breakfast) so we […]

July 14th 2018 – home

We had a fantastic time yesterday. Our pals, Mr and Mrs C, invited 10 couples to their house for dinner. They hired a Michelin star trained chef to cook an 8 course tasting menu for us which we enjoyed outside in their lovely garden, festooned with bunting and lit by candles. The chef had his […]

July 2nd 2018 – home

A lovely weekend. Mr P was late back from work on Friday so we decided to give the pub a miss and had a nice, chilled evening at home watching two of the James Acaster Netflix special stand ups which were fantastic. Mr P made a delicious pasta dish with mussels, peas and spinach – […]

June 29th 2018 – home

Today is pay day so, as usual, I did my regular charity shop swish after work. I found a lot again – I love my local Barnado’s – and in amongst my haul was a pretty, blue and white striped vest top which I thought would look ace with my baby pink, (p)leather pencil skirt. […]

June 21st 2018 – home

Well, I’ve been off the radar for a bit, for no particular reason. So, what have I been up to since Sorrento? We went to All Points East festival on the last May Bank Holiday weekend to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs and LCD Soundsystem which was fantastic. I found a spacious, very modern Airbnb right […]

May 15th 2018 – Sorrento, Italy

We woke to lashing rain but braved it and went for breakfast at an American style diner called Fauno. I needed eggs after our big night so I had a veggie omelette which was accompanied, inexplicably but not disappointingly, with French fries – the perfect, carb-loaded breakfast to conquer my hangover. Mr P had a […]