April 27th 2017 – home

We went to see Dr John Cooper Clarke last night at the Glee Club in Nottingham – a venue I’d never been to before. I was expecting something more along the lines of Jongleurs, i.e. sticky floors, chicken in a basket and the kind of colour scheme last seen on a pair of Bermuda shorts […]

April 23rd 2017 – home

Just realised that I failed to document our Easter weekend – how lax of me! On Good Friday, Mr P, the whippet and I walked to a pub in a neighbouring village – a good two miles or so over fields. On the way, an inquisitive horse trotted¬†up to us and seemed to take a […]

April 19th 2017 – home

My best friend, Mrs W, popped round last Monday. Her bump is getting bigger and she looks great although she would beg to differ and thinks she resembles a heifer. Her baby shower has been organised for 17th June – she has already given me a pass-out as she knows that I would literally rather […]

April 17th 2017 – home

I should really make more of an effort to blog more frequently to prevent these long, rambling posts (Spoiler: this post is one of those). So, here are some things that have happened recently: To kill a bit of time before¬†my hair appointment, I decided to get my bra size measured at the old lady […]

April 10th 2017 – home

There’s nothing like a cheeky, but legitimate, Monday off work. It’s just a shame that Mr P had to go to Essex at 5am this morning and won’t be back until sometime tomorrow evening. However, I do have Mrs W coming around later for a long overdue catch-up so that helps to soften the blow. […]

April 5th 2017 – home

Well, it’s been a shamefully long time between posts, hasn’t it, and it’s not that I haven’t necessarily being doing stuff but it’s not stuff that I would deem noteworthy and/or funny. However, that’s obviously the nature of a pretty standard thirty-three year old keeping a diary, isn’t it? My favourite blogs to read are […]

March 28th 2017 – home

I felt really out of sorts yesterday; whether it was losing the hour or because I’d woken at 5am and not been able to get back to sleep, I’m not sure. Obviously, I still felt bad about my behaviour on Saturday night but Mr P was, of course, really lovely about it, even blaming himself […]