October 10th 2018 – home

Well, hi there! I’m not gonna bang on about how the Autumn feels like a brand new start because I’m sure you’ve all read enough about that and, you know, we get it, but this Autumn does seem to have changed me somewhat. For example, I ordered a cookery book from the library today(!) This comes from a woman who would never trust anyone that owned a rolling pin. I’ve been trying some simple dishes which I’ve actually enjoyed – just hearty, one-pot things that I can slowly simmer whilst listening to podcasts and drinking wine but it’s better than my previous repertoire of various things dumped onto burnt toast.

I’m also still doing my Italian lessons every day (pretty much) and would recommend Duolingo to anyone wanting to learn a new language. I honestly believe it’s a great way to learn as the programme asks you to speak and type in both English and the language you are learning. I often go back and revisit some of the modules and am amazed at how much I remember. I can’t imagine I’d be this successful had I attended a class every week Practice really does make perfect.

Another change is that I bought my first C-word present already. I discovered that John Cooper Clarke was touring so I decided to treat Mr P to a night in York staying in the lovely Guy Fawkes Inn which is apparently where Fawkes and his cronies chewed over the gunpowder plot. I’ve always had a hankering to stay in an olde-worlde inn and this one had four poster beds and is lit by gaslight. Should be good.

Apart from that, we haven’t really been up to much since returning from Norfolk aside from a brilliant Danny Baker gig in Melton Mowbray but October is looking set to be a bit more vibrant with a couple of gigs (The Blinders, Father John Misty), a few birthdays (mum’s, nephew’s and old family friend’s) and hopefully a handful of blow-away-the-cobwebs dog walks and pub lunches to make the most of these beautiful, bright and crisp days.

In other news, I finally found the perfect pair of boots and I am so pleased I didn’t succumb to the inferior New Look version. They’re Steve Madden so they were a bit pricey but they’r real leather, block heeled and mid-calf length and I reckon I’ll love them forever: Ideal for gigs and stomping around cities on cold days, I think.

I also bought what Mr P called an ‘interesting’ hat:

 I know it’s a wee bit Bay City Rollers but I love tartan and think it looks okay on too. I plan to wear this on aforementioned dog walks with a short playsuit, 100 deniers and those boots. I also bought a massive forest green scarf and three berets in mustard, aubergine and dark green – gotta love those autumnal tones, haven’t you?

I find my style has got more adventurous as I’ve got older. I bought some banana yellow nail varnish the other day which I would never have thought would suit my pale skin but, amazingly, it does and I’ve had a load of compliments on it. Not to mention the gold vinyl trousers…Maybe it’s all about gaining confidence as we age, or not wanting to fade into the background, Either way, I think fashion should be fun and if it’s a bit divisive at times, well, at least no one can ever call you boring.

How are are you guys?









2 thoughts on “October 10th 2018 – home

  1. All of those autumnal toned clothes sound great! I’m really trying to steer myself away from black as a safe option because it really doesn’t reflect me that much! Also I look forward to hearing about your stay in York. The Inn sounds so cosy and perfect for the chillier months x


    1. It’s tricky to not veer back to black though, isn’t it, as it is safe and can look so chic. I hope the inn lives up to the hype – and thanks for commenting x


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