August 30th 2018 – home

And just like that, pay day rolls around again. This month, I’ve been rather frugal though. After a day trip to London, an upcoming weekend in Norfolk, another day trip to London and numerous gigs on the horizon, I’m trying to be a bit more savvy and not just buy for buying’s sake. That said, this does not apply to my monthly charity shop trawl.

I did find a bargain baker boy cap on Asos which I’ve purchased:

 I actually wanted an emerald green one but could I bloody find one? I think this is a good alternative though and will look ace with the vintage grey coat I bought from Brick Lane market.

The other thing I really wanted to buy this month was a chunky pair of ankle boots. I did find this pair at New Look:

 And whilst I do like them, I don’t love them. I’m happy to shell out quite a bit for a good pair of leather boots and these are only £45 so I think I night bide my time until the higher end retailers start stepping up to the plate. Again, I actually covet a pair of heeled, mid-calf boots but the only ones I can find have been flat. The search continues.

As for this month’s music choice, I’ve gone with Father John Misty’s third album,

God’ Favourite Customer  ahead of his gig in Leicester in October.

And that’s it for me this month. How about you? Are you having a spendy or savey month?


3 thoughts on “August 30th 2018 – home

  1. Happy Pay Day! I quite like those boots, they speak to my younger, 90’s self. I’ve not seen a green baker boy hat anywhere, but if you’re a fan of Berets I highly recommend hitting up eBay where you can get them for about £3.

    This month for me was money spent on Ben’s upcoming birthday, although I did buy myself a French cook book AND a Ted Baker handbag that I’d been coveting for a while, but only because I received a nice little payout from my last job.

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  2. Nice boots. I like New Look footwear, they rarely hurt and last pretty well for a relatively small price tag.
    I don’t know what I’ll be buying this month, I am trying to find a pair of jeans, but, jeans shopping – urgh. I don’t know if I have the energy!


    1. I rarely wear jeans to be honest but the sizes always confuse me, especially in Topshop – I have no idea what my waist/leg measurements are! Good luck with the search x


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