August 21st 2018 – home

I was quite poorly towards the end of last week: sore throat, headache, going hot and cold and barely sleeping due to what I can only imagine are fever dreams which were repetitive and which you seem unable to come out of. Weirdly, one focused mainly on Josh Widdecombe. I was annoyed because I NEVER get ill and also Mr P was due home on Friday after a week working away in Hertfordshire and we had the long-awaited jaunt to London planned for Saturday. Thankfully, after a good night’s sleep, I woke up feeling fine on Saturday and we headed down to good old London town.

We had a brilliant time. After what we thought would be a light lunch at The Water Poet in Shoreditch (tomato and mozzarella salad with crostini for me; a selection of deep-fried goods such as scotch eggs, feta dippers and ham and mustard croquettes for him) we ambled our way around Shoreditch. We passed through Brick Lane market where I picked up a lovely, little grey jacket which will be perfect for the autumn. I’m now hankering after an emerald green baker boy cap and scouring the web for the perfect pair of chunky, ankle boots so I think it’s fair to say I’m ready for the cooler months now.

We stopped in Spitalfields market for a cheeky, happy hour Aperol spritz a-piece and drank a toast to Grandad for funding this trip. After which, we stopped by an interesting looking T-shirt shop. The proprietor was excellent at delivering the ethos behind the brand. Basically, a guy called Dan Bruton has allocated different colours to different musical notes so you could buy a T-shirt featuring a colour bar code which would be the first line of a particular piece of music (it’s, if you’re interested). There were literally thousands of shirts in the shop but the one he picked up at random to show us just happened to be Take 5 by Dave Brubeck – the song played at my Grandad’s funeral. It’s another spooky occurrence that even had cynical Mr P raising an inquisitive eyebrow.

We checked into the Airbnb which was a dinky but spotlessly clean flat in the heart of Shoreditch and headed back out onto the town, hopping from bar to bar before whiling our back home via the offy for a bottle of red to finish off with.

For breakfast the following morning, we found a cute cafe called Bull in a China Shop which was dimly-lit with cute little curios dotted around. The staff were really friendly and we perused the menus leisurely over glasses of cucumber-infused water. I chose the Il Bullo which was smashed avocado on sourdough (when in Shoreditch, right) topped with poached eggs, grated Gouda and chilli. Mr P went for a sausage and egg muffin – both were delicious and just the right size for our somewhat delicate stomachs. When the waiter cleared our dishes, he asked if we wanted anything else or whether we just wanted to chill for a bit. This was despite the cafe being quite small and filling up rapidly – it was nice not to feel rushed and I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone visiting Shoreditch.

The weekend unfortunately ended on a bit of a downer after our train was delayed for two hours due to a railside factory fire between Nottingham and East Midlands Parkway  and the fact that I lost my voice which I think can only be an aftershock from my previous illness and not at all to do with the pint-sized tequila cocktails I consumed the night before, but we made it home eventually.

Another thing; I finally received my anniversary present! Clever Mr P had managed to source a wooden ring with a honed chunk of teal resin atop it. When you look through the resin, the fibres of the wood make it look like a mountain scape. It’s gorgeous and so worth the wait!

Yesterday, Mr P trundled his way back down to Hertfordshire for the week but I had a catch-up with my best and oldest friends to look forward to – something we only ever usually manage once a year what with them having a brace of kids each and the fact that one of them lives hundreds of miles away in Cornwall. It was great to relate and reminisce over a few drinks in a little beer garden.

This weekend is a Bank Holiday – hoorah! I’m at the library on Saturday and then on Sunday, it’s Little P and Little V’s third birthday. The Blonde Sister is throwing a casual tea party for them – she figures she might as well get away with going low-key before they start making tonnes of friends at school and things have to become slightly more elaborate. After that, we have a beer, gin and prosecco festival at our mate’s pub in Long Whatton. As I don’t drink any of the proffered beverages, I will continue to toddle from the marquee to the pub for my usual vodka but there’s always plenty of old faces to catch up with so I imagine it’ll be a good one.

How are your Bank Holidays shaping up so far?


6 thoughts on “August 21st 2018 – home

  1. Sounds like a lovely wee trip to London, and a very enjoyable sounding weekend ahead of you! I’m curious about those t-shirts so will check their online store tonight.
    Our weekend coming is nothing too exciting – just a night in with friends on Saturday night when too much pink gin and prosecco will be enjoyed, followed by a leisurely two days to recover xx


  2. Oh the Take 5 t-shirt, that IS spooky!
    I like the sound of Bull in a China Shop, I hate being rushed when dining out.
    Your ring sounds amazing, was it your 5th anniversary i.e. Wood?


    1. It was, yes. I commissioned our friend, Mr B, to make us a garden bench which is ace. Next year is sugar / iron – tricky. Do you and your husband stick to the traditional gift buying? xx


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