August 3rd 2018 – home

We ended up having a lovely anniversary, against all odds. Mr P got stuck at work so wasn’t with me in the morning. However, he arrived home at around 4pm with a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers comprising thistles and blue delphiniums. We exchanged cards and I directed him outside to see his love seat, expertly crafted by our very good friend, Mr B.

We decided to head over to The Swan for a couple of pints in the beer garden and then stopped at Waitrose for some fish pies and broccoli before heading home and drinking the rather nice bottle of Malbec from the F-I-L.

Tomorrow, we celebrate a bit more lavishly. We;re heading to Nottingham for the day for tapas and cocktails.

Anyway, enough about that, It’s the start of the month which means it’s time for a review of my pay day purchases:

This skirt is satin, swooshy and I think will be perfect for twirling around Nottingham tomorrow:

This crop top goes perfectly with the black and white skirt I bought last month which is high-waisted so only a sliver of midriff is revealed:

And another, slightly cropped top because it was cheap and I do love monochrome stripes:

This month’s music choices aren’t brand new but they’re bloody bangers. First up is Father John Misty’s second album, Pure Comedy. We’re going to see him in Leicester in October and I’m so excited:

And the second Last Shadow Puppets album. I have this before of course but only on download and since reverting back to the Discman, I’ve got several albums on my list that I need to buy hard copies of. I love this album – Alex Turner’s crooning is so dreamy:

How about you guys? Have you been treating yourselves this month?



2 thoughts on “August 3rd 2018 – home

  1. LOVE that stripey top! It’d look amazing with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and killer heels, of course.
    This pay I bought a pair of shoes that killed my feet, some French skin care (imported from France, because that’s how I roll these days it seems?), and a few other bits and bobs. I’m already slowly preparing for winter xx


    1. Good call! I saw on your Twitter feed about the evil, so-called ‘comfort’ shoes – boo! If you have any recommendations for cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner that is actually effective but not budget busting, I’d be interested to hear them xx

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