August 6th 2017 – home

The party was great. After a morning of pouring rain, the sun came out and stuck around for the entire evening. It was a nice sized crowd of about twenty with a good mix of adults and kids who all seemed to get on. Although at one point some of them were climbing into the loft leaving grubby hand and trainer marks on my white hallway walls and even though I’ve been finding Maoam wrappers all over the house today, they were mostly well-behaved and only Little S and Little D got a bit told off for trying to sneak cans of cider out of the fridge (they’re both eleven).

Miss P and Mr B brought new Baby A around – he’s absolutely tiny!

There was, of course a bit of drama: Little P had a tantrum when it was time to leave which resulted in a snappy exchange between mum and the Two Sisters. Miss G and Mr C shut themselves in my dressing room to have a heated debate (apparently, Miss G has accused Mr C of sleeping with their mutual friend, Miss B-B). To be fair to Miss G, the way Mr C and Miss B-B behave together has aroused my suspicions before and, what with Mr C’s past form, I certainly wouldn’t put it past him. On the other hand, I can’t imagine Miss B-B betraying her friend in such a callous way. The wedding is set for 2020: I doubt it’ll ever occur.

Mr P, the Redhead Sister, the Artist, Little D and I were the last people standing but it all wound down at about 1.30am so quite early really. I was in a much more sober state than I usually am at house parties and can remember everything. I put this down to a slightly later start time, the fact that I stuck to lager and actually ate something. Mr P made two batches of fajita mix (chicken and prawn) so that everyone could build their own fajitas and then add their preferred sauces, cheese, coriander etc. It was a great idea – fajitas are crowd-pleasers (even the usually fussy Little A and Little J enjoyed them) and meant that he didn’t have to stand behind a barbecue for hours on end.

I think all the guests had a good time and we have a shitload of booze left over – the compensation, I always think, for hosting a party in the first place and then having to clean everything up the following morning although even that wasn’t as painful as recent years. I’d done a dishwasher load during the evening and we stuck to plastic cups and paper plates so the tidy up was minimal (apart from the bloody Maoam wrappers!)

I nearly forgot to write about my present which turned up the day after our anniversary. Sticking with the fruit and flowers anniversary theme, Mr P tracked down these beauties from Aldo:

They’re not something I would ever purchase myself but I love them and received loads of compliments. I teamed them with this lovely Topshop skirt:

and my Amy Winehouse tee which thankfully turned up on the morning of the party:

It wasn’t skinny-fit as I had hoped but seemed to work once I’d rolled the sleeves up.

I messaged Mrs M this morning as I haven’t heard anything since she returned to Cornwall. She told Mr M that she was unhappy in their marriage last night but he is apparently in denial and seems to think that she’ll calm down eventually and all will be forgotten as has happened on numerous occasions in the past. I advised her to stay strong. It must be so easy to brush things like that under the carpet and to tell yourself that she should stick it out for the sake of the kids or whatever but now that she has opened up to me and her mum as well as some of her other friends, she at least has us all to tell her to snap out of it if it looks like he’s guilt-tripping her into forgiving him.

Mrs W’s popping around tomorrow evening for wine and a catch-up. I think we’re going to start alternating the venue for our wine nights. On the one hand she can escape every now and then and I also get to see Little F on a semi-regular basis. It’s also not fair on her having to spring for cabs all the time.

There’s not much on for the rest of the week apart from the start of the Premier League which kicks off on Friday with Arsenal vs Leicester but I think I might suggest that Mr B and miss P come for dinner on Saturday, if only to help us work our way through all the leftover booze!

What have you got on this week?



6 thoughts on “August 6th 2017 – home

  1. Cute shoes! They’ll be so easy to style, and peeptoes are always a classic!
    I have absolutely nothing on this week with the exception of my makeover on Saturday which I have been looking forward to for over a year now. Oh, and colleting two pairs of shoes from C+C this afternoon, but they’re both practical choices, nothing incredibly pretty like yours.

    I hope Mrs M stays strong! Every single one of us deserves happiness, and I think we all know “Staying together for the kids” is the worst decision someone can make, and is more often than not just an excuse – not a reason. Kids are better off in a happy single-parent household, than an emotionally volatile two-parent situation. Kids may not understand what’s going on, but they’re not silly, and they do pick up on emotional undercurrents.


    1. Totally agree with you about the ‘staying together for the kids’ thing. I grew up in a house where my parents constantly argued and it was just horrible. Glad you like the shoes – I’ve been mentally flicking through my wardrobe for other styling options. Enjoy your makeover – sounds very glamourous – are you going for something drastic?


      1. Likewise – My father was constantly cheating, leaving, coming back, and it’s incredibly exhausting, mentally, for a child to have to deal with that crap.
        I am sure you’ll find plenty of options, otherwise it’s the perfect excuse, uh, I mean reason to buy something new 😉
        My makeover is simply going back to blonde! I’ve been waiting over twelve months for this so glad it’s finally happening!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I grew up in a home where our parents stayed together for the sake of the kids. It explains why neither me or my brother ever married or procreated…
    Love the outfit. The Amy Winehouse teeshirt is epic. xxx


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