August 3rd 2017 – home

We had a brilliant day celebrating our anniversary. Mr P was chuffed with his grapevine but unfortunately his gift to me didn’t arrive on time. I’m not bothered though – late gifts are underrated, in my opinion. He also said he went out on a limb with his choice so I’m extra curious as to what it might be.Weirdly, we almost bought each other the same card – an art deco print of a woman holding a glass of champagne – but I ended up sending it to Miss T for her her birthday instead.

We caught the train into Leicester and went for lunch at The Case which I imagine used to be a factory. The ceilings are high and the room was huge, light and airy with a simple navy blue and white colour scheme. To start, I had scallops with heritage tomatoes, a Parmesan bon-bon and vanilla foam. The scallops were delicious, perfectly cooked and divine but the foam didn’t really bring anything to the dish (that was said in my best John Torode Australian accent, by the way). Mr P had a pigeon and black pudding dish which came with an artichoke puree and which he said was gorgeous. Following that, I had a rainbow trout dish which came in a punchy tomato sauce with mussels and crispy kale. It was okay but I think being married to someone who can cook like Mr P does mean I am usually a bit underwhelmed when we eat out. It wasn’t that the dish was bad at all, just that the standard I’m used to at home means that I’m rarely blown away by anything, unless it’s really high-end (what happened to this council estate girl?!!). Mr P had a beef fillet and chips which he declared to be the best steak he had ever eaten. We had a couple of champagne cocktails and a bottle of Cote du Rhone and then proceeded to hit every cocktail bar in the city before wobbling home and opening yet another bottle of wine.

We had an ace day. I love just spending time with him; we get on so well and doing something like that reminds me of the fact, which seems like a strange thing to say  but the amount of my friends who constantly moan about their partners and don’t actually seem to get on is huge. I think we need to start making these lunch dates more of a common occurrence. I’ve already earmarked Veeno for our next trip – it calls itself an Italian wine cafe and serves bruschetta and sharing platters according to tripadvisor.



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