July 31st 2017 – home

So, the plot thickens and the ballad of Mr and Mrs M gets murkier. It turns out that Mrs M had noticed that money was going missing. After confronting Mr M, he confessed that he hadn’t paid the mortgage for three months, cancelled the home insurance six months ago and that a credit card in her name had been maxed out. Unfortunately, this makes the whole leaving him problem even stickier, as she’s worried about where he’ll go and how if he hasn’t got any money. Luckily, her parents do have a house in Cornwall that she could use as a bolthole but she isn’t keen on uprooting the kids and, to be fair, why should she be the one to leave? I advised her to speak to someone with a better financial understanding than me – so, that would be literally any other human – but did say that she shouldn’t delay the inevitable because of this; the BandAid approach is always the best way to tackle a break-up.

She left mine just as the Rock Star called and messaged me this morning to say that she had told him all about her situation in an hour long conversation. The Rock Star admitted that things weren’t great with him and his girlfriend either (because, yes, he does have a girlfriend), that he hadn’t realised just how bad things actually were until he met Mrs M and that he and his girlfriend were just staying together for the sake of the kids. Obviously, this makes things even more complicated and Mrs M does feel a certain amount of guilt, not wanting to be branded The Other Woman should things progress with the Rock Star.

To be blunt, I feel that she at least deserves a bit of a fumble with the Rock Star, even just a snog. I was amazed at her restraint at the festival before I even knew the truth about Mr M; now I think she must be some kind of saint. The phone conversation ended with him promising to call her again on Tuesday to discuss his own crumbling relationship in greater detail. I will await the next installment in this real life soap opera with baited breath.


4 thoughts on “July 31st 2017 – home

  1. Mrs M shouldn’t have to be the one to leave, but as you say – bandaid approach. If he is stealing money (not paying the mortgage is essentially stealing, lbr) as well as being emotionally manipulative and abusive? She needs to end it in a way there’s no going back, no way he can manipulate or guilt her.
    After experiencing a few emotionally manipulative men myself (including a sociopath – that was fun!) my heart goes out to her. The fact she has recognised it’s the end shows how strong she is, and now more than ever she has to be emotionally selfish. Who cares where he ends up if he hs no money? He didn’t care where the family would end up when he stopped paying the mortgage…


    1. God, you’re so right. I think she has to get out of the feeling sorry for him mindset, like she has to harden her heart to the inevitable apologies that he’ll wing her way. Thanks for the valuable advice and sorry to hear you’ve been through something as horrific x

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