July 18th 2017 – home

I went to meet Little F on Monday – Mr and Mrs W’s first son – and he is lovely! He has loads of black hair and is really quite big (9lbs 3 at birth) so has bypassed that scrunchy, newborn phase. Mrs W looks so well too and is a much more laid-back mother than I was expecting. She tried breast-feeding for five days but then gave up due to the pain and the fact that Little F wasn’t latching on properly. This news was music to my ears as it meant she could share a bottle of red with me. Sadly, her dad is unwell at the moment. He went into hospital for a routine operation but developed a really nasty infection which could be treated with antibiotics but which then meant that his liver and kidneys were put at risk. Apparently, last Saturday, he was in intensive care with a 50/50 chance of survival but she spoke to him on the phone whilst I was there and said that he sounded much more lucid than he had for days. Unfortunately though, it means that he hasn’t been able to meet his first grandchild yet as Little F isn’t allowed into the hospital. A weird time all round for my best mate, I think.

Happily, Mr P didn’t have to stay away in Bristol last night so we took the opportunity to check out The Old Local on its opening evening with Mr R, Mr C and Miss S. It looks great – the walls have been freshened up with a lick of cream and sage green paint, the minging carpet has been pulled up and the seating has been refurbished. Thankfully, the historic items of decor have remained including the oar hanging from the ceiling, the knots display and the bar top which is fashioned from old pennies and has been a feature of the pub for years and years. It was a busy evening with all the old regulars returning for a nose. There were a few teething issues which is only natural for a busy first day with a whole new staff, and there were a few bits and bobs that could’ve been finished off a little bit better but on the whole, it was amazing to be back there. It felt like we’d returned home. Long may it reign as the best pub in the village.


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