July 10th 2017 – home

Mr A’s surprise party was a great success, I think, particularly after learning that he hates surprises and doesn’t even really enjoy celebrating his own birthday. The sun shone all day (so much so that we had to take a very hot whippet home early). Mr N who kindly hosted has a huge garden running down to the river and even took the kids out for a quick spin in his boat. Everyone who should’ve been there was, i.e. Mr A’s mum, sister-in-law, nieces and nephew and his oldest friend as well as a good selection of some of his other mates, but not too many as to overwhelm the old boy. Via a bit of karaoke (yes, I went there, obvs), the night culminated with the men and the kids (and The Redhead Sister) jumping into the river which was inevitable.

I’m feeling the pain and the copious bottles of Becks today though. Poor Mr P had to be up early to go to Saffron Waldon this morning. My plans for the rest of the day are chips and egg, Pilates and a bath – I can’t face anything more strenuous.

As a comical aside, at work, The Eternal Dieter referred to her chaotic home life as being like ‘musical roundabouts’.


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