June 27th 2017 – home

I received a fantastic text from Mrs M yesterday. Are you comfortable, children? Then I’ll begin.

Mrs M went to Glastonbury this year with one of her gal pals. The gal pal, K, is a Glastonbury resident which means that she gets exclusive use of the villagers’ car park. Although camping on the car park isn’t allowed, Mrs M and K decided to throw caution to the wind and spend the weekend sleeping in K’s camper van as there was no one else around and it saved the hassle of carting a load of camping equipment onto site.

On their first morning, Mrs M found herself wearing nowt but a cagoule and knickers dutifully washing K’s hair with a jug of water when a voice floated over their shoulder, asking if they could possibly spare some milk. The voice turned out to belong to someone who is fairly well-known in indie kid circles. Not only that but it was also the voice of Mrs M’s biggest teenage crush and lust object! Serendipitous things like this always seem to happen to Mrs M – imagine, out of 200,000 people, the one person who happens to be parked directly behind their camper van in a deserted car park turns out to be the Rock Star, as I shall refer to him from now on.

As the weekend progressed, Mrs M and the Rock Star hung out a bit and as she explained in her third text to me that morning, had she wanted him, she could’ve. A million questions buzzed around my mind as I read the series of texts, mouth gaping wider with each, but she said that she was knackered after only an hour and half’s worth of sleep the previous evening and needed to get her head down, promising to call me later.

A promise she kept. I’m just pleased I had already furnished myself with a large glass of red when the call finally came through.

She was in a mess. He head was all over the place and she told me she couldn’t get the image of the Rock Star leaning in for a kiss out of her head. Already, I’m rapt by such a banging anecdote. But things didn’t end there. She actually said she regretted not going for it. (I should mention here that Mrs M has been married for nearly eight years and has two kids).

I struggled to know how to respond to this confession, to be honest. I had already been impressed by her restraint in the face of her teenage crush but I had no idea that she would be feeling regret that she hadn’t reciprocated his advances. She then admitted that she and Mr M had hit a rocky patch recently – she didn’t go into too much detail but she said it was much bigger than a mere marital blip and that she was losing the will to strive to make the marriage work. I was astounded. When we visited them last month, they seemed like the perfect couple but then, you never know what goes on behind closed doors, do you?

To add to the growing saga, Mrs M has tickets to see the Rock Star’s band on Friday. when I asked her what she thought she would do should the Rock Star try it on with her again, she confessed that she didn’t know and begged me for some counsel. Now, it’s hard to give advice in this situation. On the one hand, Mrs M is one of my best friends and no matter how highly I think of Mr M, despite admittedly not knowing him particularly well, I didn’t want to come across as a sanctimonious prig by warning her off whilst piously reminding her of her marriage vows.

On the other hand, actively encouraging her to bite the bullet and give in to her lust seemed wrong as well.

As our conversation progressed, my feelings on the matter swung back and forth until I finally landed on the well-trodden motto: it’s better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t. I didn’t want to think of her as a wizened, eighty-eight year old lamenting the time she could’ve bedded her ultimate crush. It sounds heartless, but I have her back no matter what and would never judge her for her life choices. I also suggested that she get some decent sleep and try to refrain from drinking lest she be tempted to send a drunken text to the Rock Star at some ungodly hour.

There is the very real possibility that she might not even get to see the Rock Star at the gig on Friday. It’s not a huge gig but not small either. Maybe if they do meet again, it’ll be as if nothing happened between them and she can lay the matter to rest? Although, is it worth plodding through an unhappy marriage? Sometimes it takes a kick to shift you from a rut. I should know. I cheated on my boyfriend of four years when I was twenty-one. It’s not something I’m proud of but everything worked out because of my reckless decision – reader, I married him.

I spoke to Mr P about it all, fully expecting him to jump to the defence of Mr M but he said that if the relationship was so shaky that Mrs M was even considering getting off with another man then maybe she ought to go for it, countering that Mr M could quite easily turn around and finish things himself. He also asked whether she would feel the same had her suitor just been an ordinary chap she happened to fancy, or whether the fact that this was her Rock Star heightened her emotions. I hadn’t thought to ask her this question during our phone conversation unfortunately.

I’ve been mulling it over ever since. Maybe getting it out of her system might strengthen her marriage? Maybe she should tel Mr M that she has been tempted by someone else? My mind’s been whirling since the revelation so I dread to think how Mrs M’s feeling.

She promised me that she would keep me posted with any new developments. I await the outcome of the gig on Friday with baited breath.


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