June 18th 2017 – home

It’s been another lengthy spell since I last blogged. Not sure why really. I thought it was because not much had happened to be considered blog-worthy but as I think back over the last couple of weeks, I realise that there is actually quite a lot I haven’t documented so here we go. Strap yourselves in, kids.

I had my hair trimmed yesterday and found out that my hairdresser has also bought the neighbouring shop which will eventually be a dog grooming salon. I like the thought of taking the whippet to get his regular ‘manicure’ whilst I have my locks chopped next door.

Miss G threw a surprise birthday barbecue for Mr C last night which he nearly missed thanks to Mr P’s distraction technique of getting him out of the house all day by spending the afternoon canoeing but only delivering him home ten minutes before the guests arrived. The night ended with a round of Guilty Pleasure karaoke at 3am.

The Blonde Sister, my B-I-L and the twins have moved to mum’s temporarily whilst the extension is done. At first, mum said the girls were behaving wonderfully, sleeping through and being as good as gold. However, Little P apparently woke the whole street screaming at 3am the other morning leaving a sleep-deprived and frazzled B-I-L in tears apparently. It doesn’t help that the stress of the extension is hanging over him, his shift pattern changes weekly meaning that he does not have a functioning body clock and he is basically trapped in a hen coop with my mum and The Blonde Sister and his two daughters gabbing away about all and sundry. When mum suggested that he camp out at his own mother’s to catch up on his sleep, he retorted “what? And come back when the twins are eighteen?” Ouch. Con.

Mrs W was supposed to come round last Tuesday but was made to stay behind to attend a parents’ evening when she is only a couple of weeks away from beginning her maternity leave and didn’t actually have any parents to speak to. Her boss made her stay behind to operate the Powerpoint presentation – literally clicking a mouse. She was livid. I suggested that she start faking contractions to get out of it and then to blame it on Braxton Hicks the next morning. As it is, she’s coming around tomorrow evening – this will be probably be the last time I see her before the baby arrives…

Tired of his dad constantly complaining about his arthritic knee, Mr P finally snapped last night and demanded that he go to the doctors’ to enquire about a knee replacement. The F-I-L batted away the notion, saying that he ‘didn’t do’ doctors or hospitals to which Mr P spat “well, I’m not gonna be the one pushing you around in a wheelchair all day”. Harsh, but true. What is it with the older generations’ medical phobia? Sure, they’ll be some pain involved after the operation but it’ll be nothing to the pain he experiences every day which is so bad as to render him incapable of the shortest journeys. He literally limped his way to the kitchen from the garden last night.

The Redhead Sister and the Artist are now an item and have spent the weekend in Tenby. I know I’ve said this about all of her boyfriends in the past (and been proven 100% incorrect on every occasion) but I like the Artist: he’s good-looking, creative and interesting with just enough of an edge to keep The Redhead Sister occupied.

I’ve booked Alvvays tickets for September and we’re taking mum along this time around.

Mr P has also booked his driving test for September 29th which will follow an intensive, 10 day training programme. This means that we are having to push our Sorrento holiday back to October but, from what I hear, this may not be such a bad thing – it’ll be a little cooler, a little cheaper and not so busy. I have already wishlisted several airbnbs but the flights seems crazily expensive; I’m not sure if this is because October is so far away or what.

Well, that’s me all caught up. How have you been? *she shouts in to the void*?


2 thoughts on “June 18th 2017 – home

  1. Sorrento in October will be perfect, I reckon. It’s my favourite place in the world despite my not being a fan of hot weather, but al fresco pizza on a cool evening sounds like the dream. Allow me to recommend La Laterna for that very purpose!

    Lis / last year’s girl x


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