June 6th 2017 – home

It was back to reality with a bump today. Huddled under a brolly as the rain lashed down, my bus didn’t arrive. When the next one turned up, it was so packed that it sailed right past me meaning that I eventually arrived at work an hour late. Not a good start.

Mrs S was having a conversation with the pharmacist about the Manchester One Love concert which was set up by Ariana Grande and featuring a wealth of other pop stars as a show of unity and defiance in the wake of the attacks in Manchester a couple of weeks before. I only watched a bit of it after Mrs M alerted me to Liam Gallagher’s appearance. I then caught a few more clips which were shared on Twitter, including the local school choir. A young girl of roughly 8 years old took the lead in front of 50,000 people in what was an heroic show of bravery, not only due to the sheer scale of the audience but also because she had been present at the Ariana concert herself. When Ariana joined them on stage, only the very iciest of hearts wouldn’t have melted, It was a gorgeous moment. As well as that, I saw clips of security guards throwing some shapes to Katy Perry and a police officer dancing in a circle with some young kids. It was a brilliant show and a fantastic way of saying ‘fuck you’ to the extremists and terrorists; a show of love, support and unity through music and togetherness. It also raised a lot of money for those affected by the bombing.

So, a good thing all round right? Not if you’re Mrs S, apparently. She accused the pop stars involved of being given unworthy hero status just for performing at the gig, saying that the accolade show fall on those affected and the emergency services and completely missing the point that the people at the concert were there for the acts, to feel the power, love and strength that music brings to everyone in fighting evil with good, to quote Justin Beiber (something I never thought I’d do). Mrs S also said that she thought the pictures she had seen of Ariana Grande comforting her young fans were ‘contrived’ as if it would have been far better off all round had Ariana simply buggered off back to America and never set foot in Britian again. Another grumble was that she hadn’t even heard of most of the acts performing. well, no Mrs S, you wouldn’t have, would you? Max Bygraves must’ve been busy that day.

As her rant continued, I did just wonder why the hell she didn’t just switch it off if she found it so offensive. I imagine she’ll be penning a strongly worded letter to The Sunday Times bemoaning the cheek of the BBC for pulling some Sunday night luminaries such as Last of the Summer Wine, Songs of Praise and Call the Midwife off air in order to televise such a trite debacle.

So, yes, the humdrum I was craving so yesterday? Turns out it isn’t all it;s cracked up to be actually. Be careful what you wish for.


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