June 4th 2017 – Cornwall

Disclaimer: On reading this diary entry back, I realise that I sound somewhat moody and a wee bit bratty. I was a bit PMT-y perhaps, but hell, I’m not gonna make excuses for such behaviour. I was toying with the idea of leaving this out but this is a diary of the life of a normal, 33-year-old woman so it’s staying in, because sometimes I can be a bitch and sometimes I can be mardy and there’s so shame in being a human being.

Miraculously, the weather turned out to be lovely yesterday so we went up to friends of the B-I-L’s who own a five acre patch of woodland with a large carp lake in the middle. The B-I-L took his three-man canoe and he, Mr P and the kids swam and sailed whilst the F-I-L, S-I-L and I looked on and enjoyed the sun on our faces. We had a barbecue too.

A low-key night followed and today, we go home. I can’t say I’m not excited about the prospect of returning to normality. In truth, I’m not in any rush to repeat the trip. There were some pros – seeing Mrs M, catching up with the family – but more cons: staying with the F-I-L, lack of exercise (it’s so weird how much I miss it), relying too heavily (I think) on the B-I-L to drive us around and entertain us, not eating any vegetables for five days, no sex.

If we were to do the trip again, I think I’d research things we could do that meant we wouldn’t necessarily have to bother the B-I-L. He never moaned about being our chauffeur and we were there primarily to see him and his family but I’m concious of the fact that they struggle for money and I think our relatively lavish lifestyle can be too much for them to keep up with at time.s I forget that when one has kids, one’s main responsibility is them, not how many cocktails you can down. I think I would also have liked a night out, alone,with Mr P; I feel like I’ve hardly seen him this week as he’s either been in a body of water or had his head stuck in his phone searching for musical equipment and woodland to buy(!)

So, yeah, it wasn’t the best holiday I’ve ever had but a decent enough break from the humdrum of everyday life, I guess. Bring back the humdrum ASAP, I say.

Ick. It’s embarrassing to read that back because once we were home, we talked about what an amazing time we’d had. I still reserve the the right to stay in a different place to the F-I-L should we holiday with him again, although one good thing about spending all day in the company of kids, they don’t half kill your libido.



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