June 3rd 2017 – Cornwall

Mrs M’s house is lovely! It’s still a work in progress but what has been done is gorgeous. I think, like anyone, you always focus on the unfinished bits. They have beautiful, original tiles in the hallway which they discovered when they ripped the carpet up, a large but homely lounge and an excellent ‘party’ kitchen. Upstairs is also very spacious and there are cute little nick-nacks and photographs all around. It reminded me very much of somewhere my Aunty J might live and even smelt of patchouli. It was great to get to know Mr M a bit better too – we haven’t seen him since Mrs M’s 30th birthday almost three years ago – and he’s just lovely and has lots in common with Mr P. When we first arrived, he asked if we’d mind him taking a photograph of us because the light outside was ‘awesome’. We agreed gladly and he then produced one of the strangest cameras I’ve ever seen – apparently it was one of the first ever Polaroid cameras and was invented sometime in the 1920s. It was a little bit awkward as he didn’t want us to pose, smile or look at the camera but I really like the resulting picture and it made for the only souvenir we brought home from Cornwall.

It’s always brilliant to catch up with Mrs M. Every time we meet up, it feels as if we’d seen each other just the week before. There are never any uncomfortable silences and the conversation just flows naturally.

We got to meet their boys: the quiet 6-year-old who draws amazing pictures of robotic dinosaurs, and the cheeky 3-year-old who’s a handful (according to Mrs M) but absolutely adorable.

It was definitely my favourite night so far and I’m pleased that Mr P enjoyed it too as just before we left, he’d been snoozing on the sofa and hadn’t really seemed up for it but I think it surprised him how well he and Mr M got on.

It’s a bit hazy and overcast again today but it seems promising that the sun may break through at some point. I need to utilise the local library to print off our boarding passes but other than that, we have no plans as yet other than, I hope, an imminent breakfast.


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