June 2nd 2017 – Cornwall

The weather was a bit grim today – that horrible, misty rain – and we decided to try the other cafe for breakfast. The Pink Peach didn’t do traditional breakfasts per se but did have a selection of bagels on offer. It was a bit more rustic than the cafe we ate at yesterday but it was very pretty and welcoming with large, bench-like tables, pastel painted furniture and a play area for kids. I imagine it’s often frequented by Yummy Mummy types.

We decided to have a wander around Newquay itself which was busy in spite of the weather. The B-I-L had heard about a brew-house type bar called No. 5 which we found. It was a lovely, large room, both kid and dog friendly, with blue walls, white fixtures and a feature wall covered with excellent Puffin Classic wallpaper. It also had a few Chesterfields scattered around and both the B-I-L and I both commented that it would be a perfect place to while away a rainy Sunday.

From there, we grabbed a pasty and dodged the seagulls and then did a bit of off-roading in the Landrover to find a pub called The Smuggler’s Inn which was a gorgeous, honey-coloured thatch with a tiny seating area beneath trees strewn with fairy lights. Unfortunately, it was closed between 3pm-5.30pm but the restaurant at the back was open which was a more modern affair with a swish patio area and raffia seating. Like true Brits, we huddled outside beneath the umbrellas and had a quick drink before heading back.

Tonight, we go to Mrs M’s house. The B-I-L drove us into her village earlier that day so we knew where to get off the bus and her street looks lovely. Why she says she gets house envy every time she comes to ours is beyond me. I look forward to seeing what lies within in a couple of hours.


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