June 1st 2017 – Cornwall

I write this post with a typical, first-morning-of-holiday hangover. I can’t pretend to be surprised that we hit it so hard on our first night in Cornwall. After a forty-five minute delay at the airport which saw me sink three double vodkas, we boarded the plane. The F-I-L loved it! It was like travelling with a toddler, so excited was he by the experience. The B-I-L and Little L picked us up from the airport and took us back to their house for fish tacos and many more vodkas.

I can’t comment too much about the airbnb apartment at this point in time as I can’t actually remember too much about what it looks like but our bedroom is nice: a good size, white, light and airy with simple furniture and a comfortable, if slightly small, bed.

I’m not too sure what our plans are for the day yet but Mrs M did text me to say there was a communal barbecue taking place on Porth beach this evening which sounds like it might be a good shout.

Mr P came in and played Liam Gallagher’s first solo song to me earlier on. It’s okay actually, better than I was expecting and very Oasis-y which is no bad thing. His voice actually sounds great too so I look forward to hearing more from the rapscallion.


Well, the weather certainly picked up after we had a scrummy breakfast at The Town and Country Cafe n St Columb Major – a really sweet place, very modern although in an old, higgedly-piggedly building with uneven floors and very low ceilings. Obviously and inevitably, I wore completely the wrong outfit for a day at the beach (curse the blasted cool and overcast morning – I had already donned a pinafore, tights and red suede boots before the sun came out) which meant that unless I whipped my tights off and feared baring my milk-bottle legs in a very short dress, I wasn’t able to go for a paddle. I enjoyed our time there though, people-watching and basking in the sun whilst eating a delicious mango sorbet.

From there, we went for fish and chips at The Port and Starboard which is apparently one of the F-I-L’s favourite chippies. Although I found them a bit bland, it’s just surely the done thing when visiting a British seaside resort.

After a couple of drinks at the B-I-L’s, Mr P, the F-I-L and I ventured into St Columb Major and found a lovely pub called The Coaching Inn which was adorable with very low ceilings (seems to be a bit of ‘thing’ round these parts), mismatched furniture and low lighting. We took the seat built into one of the large bay windows and had a couple more drinks. The staff were very friendly – I had imagined a cliquey pub where everyone turns to glare at interlopers and a needle is scratched across a record bringing it to an abrupt halt but it was nothing of the sort.

St Columb Major itself is really pretty and quaint with lots of narrow streets and attractive buildings. I never noticed how nice it was before. Our apartment is very central, with a Boots and a Co-op on our doorstep as well as being only a ten minute walk from the B-I-L’s

Tomorrow, the weather is apparently set to take a turn for the worse, but we’re going to see Mr and Mrs M ‘s in the evening which I’m crazily excited about, as I’ve never seen their house and haven’t seen Mrs M properly for some time.




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