April 23rd 2017 – home

Just realised that I failed to document our Easter weekend – how lax of me!

On Good Friday, Mr P, the whippet and I walked to a pub in a neighbouring village – a good two miles or so over fields. On the way, an inquisitive horse trotted up to us and seemed to take a interest in the whippet which scared me to death – big farm animals are gorgeous but not when they’re sniffing your poor dog. Mr P just calmly advised me not to panic and to keep walking but it shook me up to be honest.

We arrived at the pub hoping for a rustic meal, a ploughman’s perhaps, or a cob on the bar at the very least, only to be told that they weren’t serving food until later on that evening. It’s a pub that still closes at 3pm which seems mad nowadays. However, that didn’t deter us from sinking three drinks each on empty stomachs. Luckily, the F-I-L turned up for a quick pint and then drove us home which was fortuitous as the heavens opened and it didn’t stop raining all day. Deciding to sack off venturing out due to the grotty weather, we hunkered down for the rest of the afternoon / evening and watched the original version of The Stepford Wives which was eerie, compelling and a brilliant bit of feminist film-making. I added the novel to my goodread’s reading list as the closing credits rolled.

On Saturday, Mr P and Mrs H went to a corporate day at the Leicester Tigers which involved a four course dinner, free bar and an 11am start. I met up with mum and The Redhead Sister in the afternoon and Mr P rolled in at around 8pm although he was a lot less drunk that I had been expecting. He said the food was great but still can’t get into rugby which I will be eternally thankful for.

On Sunday, Mr P was feeling somewhat flaky but steeled himself enough to accompany me to the next village to meet up with the B Twins for pizza at the newly refurbished piazza in one the pubs. The pizza was great – thin, crispy and delicious – and a boozy day ensued with the twins ploughing through six bottles of wine between them making me feel relatively sober. After Twin M fell asleep slumped on one of the outdoor tables and was then carted home by her as-drunk sister and their good-job-he-was-there cousin, we decided to slink off ourselves.

Monday promised to be slow until Mr P enlisted the help of Mr B to drive him to Birmingham to pick up his third, and hopefully final, drum kit from Birmingham. This obviously then led to post-journey beers in the pub.

Easter weekend done right.

In other news, we finally booked our trip to Newquay for the end of May / early June scoring some bargain accommodation in the same town as the B-I-L lives. We bought the whippet a soft and fleecy bed to keep him from padding around our bed in the middle of the night and waking us up and I found and fell in love with these trousers from Joanie (after being directed to them from Char’s Friday wishlist at http://www.trexesandtiaras.com) which I plan to buy once pay day rolls around on Friday.












2 thoughts on “April 23rd 2017 – home

  1. well that does sound like an easter done well! It feels so long ago now already doesn’t it?! But we do have 2 bank holidays to look forward to, so that’s good news. I love newquay, we have been for the past 3 years and i just love cornwall. We decided to try somewhere different this year, which im both excited and sad about, as i will really miss our annual trip to cornwall, but will be lovely to explore a new area. Hope this week goes quickly so that you can bag those beautiful trousers, they really are lovely!

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Rachel! Yes, I’m looking forward to Newquay. We haven’t visited for about 3 years so I’m looking forward to seeing some changes. My friend who lives there says Newquay itself is really thriving and trying to shake off it’s stag/hen do persona by opening up a load of independent cafes and bars so should be interesting. Where are you going on holiday this year? xx


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