March 11th 2017 – home

Some things that happened yesterday:

  • Ricky Gervais ‘liked’ one of my tweets;
  • I placed an online order at Topshop on Thursday and the parcel arrived before noon the following day. Very impressive service;
  • Talking of clothes, what is the deal with the preponderance of blush-coloured clothing and shoes? I had hoped that the dismal Kate Middleton-inspired nude court shoe had died a death but then along comes blush. It is not a colour;
  • Somewhat worryingly, my F-I-L  told me about shopping for a birthday card for Little A, thus:

F-I-L: Now, is Little A my nephew?

ME: Err…no, he’s your grandson.

I fear he might be drinking too much. He took a tumble on Sunday after a particularly boozy afternoon. Maybe it’s time to slow down a bit.

  • Bumped into the beautiful but somewhat dim Miss C:

ME: It’s your birthday soon, isn’t it?

MISS C: Sunday. And yours was…?

ME: Yesterday.

MISS C: I knew it was close to mine. It’s the same every year!

Yes, Miss C, yes it is.

  • Also saw the divine, newly married Mrs H who told me she was pregnant again. This was an unimaginative joke I made when she planned her wedding a mere three months after her engagement and although I knew she wanted to get cracking with Baby #2, I’m not sure she was anticipating spending her hen do and wedding stone-cold sober.
  • Mr B and Mr H are giving their relationship another go. I know I ought to be pleased for them and although I said as much, I can’t help but thinking that Mr B is just ‘settling’ – perhaps the trauma of selling their beloved house played a part and the discussions over custody of the Labrador were just too distressing. Maybe I’m being cynical – Mr B says they had an in depth conversation about their myriad issues and are planning to work on them. I do hope so. Mr B is simply too lovely a man to waste his life in a loveless relationship.



2 thoughts on “March 11th 2017 – home

  1. Blush is worse than nude! Nude at least stands out somewhat against pale skin, where as blush blends right in. Make us look like we’re wearing nothing at all!


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