March 10th 2017 – home

So. The shoes. Oh, the shoes. They’re patent, blood red, with a stiletto heel as thin as a pin and a pointy toe. They’re classic, sexy and divine. Plus, they actually fit me even when I’m wearing tights. Usually, size 5s slip off my feet if there’s no straps to keep them on, especially when I’m wearing tights, so I was able to wear them to dinner last night. The other gift was some incredibly delicate handmade lingerie: black, sheer and very lovely. Mr P really spoiled me this year – I guess that’s what you get in exchange for a night at Sat Bains!

We popped to the newly revamped pub in a neighbouring village before dinner. It’s been taken over by a couple of England cricketers (although I honestly wouldn’t know who they were if they came up and introduced themselves). It looks great with copper table tops, feature walls and fairy lights but has manged to retain its old school charm. It still shows sport and the food looked reassuringly ‘pub-grubby’.

From there, we went to dinner and had the seven course grazing menu. All the dishes were presented beautifully and were incredibly tasty. They included tuna sashimi with a wasabi mayo, a beetroot salad, sea bass, a chocolate and passion fruit mousse and a slab of Stilton. Although obviously it wasn’t quite up to Sat Bains standard, it was also a fraction of the price and exceedingly good value for the quality of the food. The staff at Sat Bains could also do with taking tips from the staff there: they were friendly and attentive without being overbearing (although the waiter did look alarmingly similar to Toby Jones).

So, That’s my birthday done and dusted for another year although of course we have tonight to look forward to as I extend my birthday by a day to help Mr B celebrate his. Sore heads tomorrow, I should think.


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