March 6th 2017 – home

The Danny Baker gig fully exceeded both mine and Mr P’s expectations -he was fantastic. He talked solidly for two and a half hours, with a half hour interval, telling funny stories about his family and the famous people he’d worked with over the years barely pausing for breath, let alone a drink. He was eloquent, hilarious and humble about his frankly astonishing life and I could’ve sat there listening to him all night. The best part though was when he stayed behind for an hour afterwards to sign programs and posters. He spent a decent amount of time with everyone, chatting and asking questions. He signed my program to me and the whippet whose name he really liked, even saying as much in his comment. It was a brilliant night and definitely worth missing Miss B (now Mrs H’s) wedding for. She sent me a text thanking for the bouquet and sent some photos. She looked stunning, like an 1950s film star, in a beautiful fishtail dress. Divine.

Earlier that day, mum and I took the whippet for a jaunt around the cemetery whilst Mr P was shopping in town. We then went for a toasted sandwich and hot chocolate at Peppercorn’s which was lovely.

My silver boots turned up. I was unsure when I bought them as the heel is of a sensible height but figured that as they were a tenner in the sale, I’d take a punt. I really like them and think they’d be perfect gig boots as they’re ‘pleather’ and could therefore withstand dirty club floors and spilt drinks. In other fashion news, I managed to dress down my military dress for the gig wearing it over a white T-shirt to negate the low-cut neckline and teaming it with my red chunky boots and leather jacket instantly transforming it from quite glam party-wear to a perfect gig outfit. I do like it when clothes become multi-functional.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the local to meet Mr R who is now back from London and staying temporarily in his old room at Mr A’s until he can find somewhere cheap enough to rent on his own. He said he was feeling “fair to middling” about his split with his girlfriend but that things were amicable between them and that they even went on the lash the other night. He said they actually had more fun together once the pressure of the relationship had been removed from the equation so I think he’ll survive. At any rate, at least he’s got his first girlfriend/heartbreak out of the way and can move onto new things.


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