February 7th 2017 – hone

Well, that was a hell of a fortnight at work without The Bigot – it actually made me appreciate having her around and also made me realise that, despite what I think, I actually can’t do everything.

Mr P came home on Friday and proposed an early doors drink – this is usually one of my favourite times to go to the pub however, without any warning, I hadn’t yet showered, worked out or done my chores; clean but damp clothes were left in the washing machine and the dishwasher was full of pots . After a bit of persuasion, I agreed to go to the pub as I was, well, after a quick outfit change a make-up refresh. I sometimes wish I could just chill a bit and not worry so much about what I look like. It felt quite freeing actually to just hop on down to the pub without worrying that I hadn’t washed my hair or done a work-out.

Mr P worked on Saturday and I was at the library. We met up afterwards at The Local again.

On Sunday, B-I-L, S-I-L and the boys came for dinner with Mr P, F-I-L and me. This made a rare treat as B-I-L is usually fishing on Sundays but this ghastly weather has been too much even for him. Little A is doing amazingly well at school and I was thrilled to hear that being clever is no longer something kids have to hide in order to be popular. When I was a kid, I used to purposefully do badly in tests etc just so that I didn’t get teased for being a bit brainy (and I wasn’t even overly clever either, just somewhat bright). It’s strange how only sporting prowess or musical talent was revered back in my day and that being academically gifted was something to hide. I wish I’d had the courage to stick up for myself and do the best I could – maybe then my A level results wouldn’t have been so mediocre. Ho hum.

Yesterday, I popped down to the Blonde Sister’s to deliver her birthday card only to find mum, The Redhead Sister and Little D all in attendance. I popped in for a bit with the whippet (who Little V adored) and watched as The Blonde Sister opened her presents. I even forewent a proffered glass of fizz due to the ill-advised half bottle of red I consumed the night before). Although I often bemoan B-I-L’s lack of romance and obsession with money, I must say he came up trumps gifting The Blonde Sister with a treatment at a local beauty salon, tickets to see James at Kew Gardens and a surprise meal out that evening. At the time, she wasn’t aware of this (mum was going to leave and then pop back to babysit the girls) and the way she was ploughing through her prosecco, I was worried that she’d flag before they made it out.

That evening, I went and sat for the art class. It was a grotty evening and, being hungover, all I really wanted to do was hunker down with a steaming bowl of gnocchi and the Apple Tree Yard finale but, I went and I’m pleased I did. I was made to feel very welcome although the portraits left a lot to be desired, if I’m honest. The Redhead Sister has expressed an interest in sitting as well but I’m not sure she’d enjoy it. She’s way more self-conscious than me and I’m not sure how she’d cope with ten pairs of eyes on her. She’s also a notorious fidget and I think she’d struggle to stay still for prolonged lengths of time. Then, there’s the portraits. The class is for amateurs but even so, this is not en exercise for someone looking for an ego boost. On one, I looked twenty years older than I am whilst on another, I looked like I was on my deathbed. I also started to wonder whether my nose really was that long and if I really did have that many wrinkles around my eyes.

I finished work for two days this evening ready for Mr P’s birthday. Sat Bains calls and I cannot wait.


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