January 31st 2017 – home

My Discman arrived! I had reminiscences of Christmas Day in the nineties as I unwrapped it. It’s much smaller that I was expecting and fits in the inside pocket of my tote just so. I can’t wait to work my way through all my old CDs again as well as buying new ones and listening to them from start to finish in the intended order rather than simply uploading them to iTunes, changing them to MP3 files to send to my phone and putting the CD in a cupboard with the others to languish away untouched and unloved. I look forward to actually knowing the titles of songs as well and becoming engrossed in the sleeve notes. It will be nice to mention my favourite Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song by name rather than mumbling ‘erm…track six on It’s Blitz!’ 

Mr P’s been stacked out at work recently. The deadline for completion of the units he’s working on is looming and there’s still a lot of tasks to get through. It’s made me question whether I should alert him to his birthday surprise (a night’s say in the Sat Bains Hotel with a 7 course tasting menu in the evening and breakfast the following morning) as I think taking an entire two days off to accommodate it might be pushing it somewhat and will probably mean him having to make the time up at the weekend instead. He told me that his boss and friend, Mrs H, was in tears on the phone this morning, so stressed out is she. Technically, we could make it work. If he finished a touch earlier on his birthday, we would still have plenty of time to take the whippet up to mum’s and jump on the train to Nottingham. The table’s not booked until 8.30pm so we’d be able to enjoy the hotel, get our glad rags on and share the bottle of red wine I plan to stow in my overnight bag. He might need the following day off but check-out is early (10am) so maybe he could do a half day if he feels like it. I am reluctant to blow the surprise but I could still keep the destination secret. To be honest, taking his entire birthday off could prove to be fruitless if we’re going out in the evening anyway – it would be spent actively avoiding the pub so as not to spoil the evening’s festivities. I shall broach the subject post-quiz this evening.


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