January 30th 2017 – home

On Saturday, I popped into town for a trim and ended up getting a side fringe put in in a bid to cover the wrinkles on my frankly massive forehead. I never used to mind having a prominent forehead but recently in pictures, I’ve noticed that I look like the moon rising  what with my pale complexion. So a side fringe was put in which my hairdresser assured me could be tamed and would work, despite my cow’s lick. I was pleased with the result although obviously they always style it far too neatly for me and it will definitely look better once it’s been ‘zsushed’ and backcombed.

I bumped into Mr G, Miss H and the kids twice – on the way to the salon and coming back. Miss H said she might attend Mr P’s quiz on Tuesday (because yes, he is doing it but said he might just appear as a one-off because he’s stacked out at work recently and hasn’t really got the time) which will make it more palatable anyway.

Twelve of us went for a curry on Saturday night to celebrate the past and upcoming birthdays of Mr P, the Blonde Sister, B-I-L and Mrs D. I ordered a prawn rogan josh which was tasty enough but ultimately disappointing. Now that Mr P is something of a dab hand with paneer, turmeric and garam masala, I find curries from takeaway joints a bit samey, like I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a bhuna and a pathia. However, we had a nice time and it’s a BYOB restaurant which meant that we got to fill our tummies for £15.

The Redhead Sister didn’t make it to the meal as she was ‘otherwise occupied’ with the son of one of her old mates who she apparently met the previous night. Only she could go to the cinema with two platonic friends and come home with a stud-muffin ten years her junior. I guess her New Year’s resolution of no carbs, no fags and no men isn’t going as well as planned.

We’ve been invited to the Lake District for Mrs H’s fortieth birthday at the end of April but have decided against it, as this is the week before we were supposed to be going to Cornwall (if we ever get round to booking the bloody thing) and I wasn’t that well-acquainted with the other guests going. Plus, I envisaged it either turning into a bit of a coke-fest or a strict gender divide with the boys discussing football whilst I tried to stay awake as the girls talked about make-up.

Sunday was lazy and lovely, finished off with inviting the F-I-L round for pie, mash and veggies and a couple of glasses of red. A chilled end to the weekend.


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