January 22nd 2017 – home

The weekend began with Mr P texting me from the pub to say that he and Mr B had stopped for a quick one and that I could join them if I wanted or he would be home in forty-five minutes. Fearing that I would be left alternately scrolling through Twitter and Instagram whilst one quick pint inevitably turned into three or four, I bundled the whippet up and went to meet them.

Mr B, who is expecting his second child, keeps trying to cajole Mr P and I to give into parenthood although when he subsequently mentions that he hasn’t slept in later than 7:30am for the last three years, his argument falls somewhat flat.

We returned home at around 9pm, made fajitas and watched Only Connect because we are rock ‘n’ roll to the core.

Mr P had to work with Mr B on Saturday and it was my shift at the library which was dead – I think we only served a maximum of ten customers all day. However, Mrs C did ask me if I wanted to be a life model (non-nude, I hasten to add) for her art class which I accepted. I’ve never sat for a portrait before and think it’ll be interesting to see everyone’s different versions.

Mr P later texted me from The Crowns and I met him and the two Mr Bs there ostensibly to watch the football although I didn’t actually manage to do that in earnest as The Redhead Sister showed up brimming with dramatic tales to tell. She was a bit tipsy though so I arranged for her to come to mine on Thursday to spill the beans.

Mr R and Mr T turned up later as well. It seems Mr R is having problems with his girlfriend to such an extent that his weekend back home and away from her could be classed as make-or-break. I feel for him; she’s his first girlfriend and it took him thirty-seven years to find her but he seemed surprisingly practical about the whole situation and very stoic although he didn’t go into details about the issues they were having.

We staggered home at about ten and had the obligatory red wine nightcap because that’s just what you need on top of several pints of Guinness and lots of double vodkas. The odd-looking, ‘winging it’ moussaka I had made earlier in the day stayed in the fridge and will be tackled later on this evening although I don’t have high hopes for it and the takeaway menus will be remaining on standby.


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