January 8th 2017 – home

Mr P and I watched ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ on Friday night – a film I would’ve bawled at had I been alone. Saying that, I think Matt was a bit choked too.

Back to the library yesterday – fell back into it with no problems.

Didn’t like any of my boots from Very. In real life, they all seemed like something a middle-aged woman might wear on her way to her office job via the school run. In the end, I decided to order the dark red pair in the New Look sale which arrived yesterday and are still parcelled up in my dressing room. Hopefully, these will be more in keeping with what I want and, although a bit less practical than a black pair, they should work with a few outfits.

I loved my outfit last night. We went to the pub for a quick one at 4pm and ended up getting home at 10.30pm. I wore my striped, button back vest with my Lipsy skirt and tall red shoes with my military jacket -it’s a look I’ve never put together before and was very successful, I think.

When we got home, Mr P and I started talking about Mrs P Sr. and he finally cried for the first time since her death. I was so relived that he seems to finally be starting to grieve. Although I admire him for staying strong for his dad, he needs to remember that he also lost his mum and that he’s more than entitled to feel sad. He thanked me for helping him let it out and, although this obviously wasn’t the best prelude to a night of passion, I hope his healing can now start.

Dinner at the pub today with Mr P Sr. and hopefully I can relight the flames of ardour (with Mr P Jr. natch) as we haven’t had any kind of nighttime fun since Wednesday for various reasons.


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