January 3rd 2017 – home

The dreaded early morning alarm call and subsequent trudge back to work and reality wasn’t as bad as I feared. It never is; fifteen minutes in and it’s like you’ve never been away.

A work-related resolution: (I seem to be full of them this year despite vowing never to make such restrictive oaths normally) – to be omre tolerant with my work colleagues. I shall therefore try to bite my tongue whenever The Brat starts moaning about the pressure of ownership of two horses and remember that she is only twenty-three and seemingly eager to please. I’m also not sure she has that many mates. I will try to ignore The Bigot’s old-fashioned and sometimes offensive slurs, not because that I agree or that she shouldn’t be pulled up on them but because by refusing to even acknowledge them makes for a better working atmosphere. She is also sheltered, middle-class, middle-aged and, again, I’m not sure she has many companions besides her grumpy husband who I suspect puts these ideas into her head, to be honest. I will also be kinder to The Idiot Boss because although she’s dim, she is harmless and when I suspect her of sycophancy and insincerity, she might just not be jaded and miserable like me. Plus, I suspect she had a hand in getting me a pay rise last year, so I’ve got that to thank her for, as well as the fact that she’s, you know, my boss.

To be kinder all round is good mantra in itself. What did Morrissey say? “It takes guts to be gentle and kind”. Indeed.

Anyway, onto fripperies. I have decided to treat myself to a pair of chunky heeled ankle boots, my idea being that they should help to dress down otherwise sexier outfits and therefore help me turn them into daywear (or at least transitional pieces): namely, my short, red, body-con, French Connection dress and my new military mini from Topshop which I have yet to try over a T-shirt. Yup, I can always justify a new pair of shoes.

In other news, I think the whippet took mine and Mr P’s return to work much harder. The normally aloof pooch actually whined for my attention earlier. This is unheard of. Maybe he finally knows who his owners are.







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